Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#DelicateLove Giveaway

Shaking it up around here. I’m not asking you to do the usual tweeting, facebooking, yodeling from the mountaintops about my latest novel, THE DELICATE NATURE OF LOVE for a chance to win a super cool giveaway.
Instead, I’m asking you to dig deep—to remember a time in your life when someone’s influence on you made a permanent impact.

I want you to capture the impression this person had on you in a very specific and creative way via social media. To create a mini-dedication.

A few “rules” to win:

1.  Keep it brief. The goal is to evoke emotion in as few words as possible—to help us to understand why you’re changed because of this person. Be imaginative.

2.  You must add #delicatelove wherever you decide to post.

3.  You need to attach my cover somewhere to your story. If you’d like and if room allows, you’re welcome to provide a more detailed explanation for what you’ve written/come up with.
Four Places to list your mini #delicatelove gratitude reflections à

In the comments of this post
On Facebook (make sure to include a picture of my cover, #delicatelove & try to tag me if at all possible—at the very least notify me that you’ve posted something to enter)
On Twitter
On Pinterest
I will compile responses on March 17th, and then consult a select group of trustworthy folk to let me know which story moved them the most. When I get a unanimous vote, I’ll announce the winner here on March 18, 2015.
Hear that? You have two weeks to creatively express a mini-dedication to the person who changed your life forever...for a chance to win the #delicatelove giveaway.
Have at it!
You’re all considered winners in my book (especially those dedicated to inspiring others)!

*Heads up, I might repost, retweet, or recycle what you’ve written if it moves me. Keep this in mind if what you’re creating is more of a private reflection.
**If you see me posting, it’s not to win. Only having fun with the contest myself & hoping to provide examples.


  1. I love this, Wendy!! My cousin Jason made a permanent impact on my life. He and I spent so much time together as children, and we were the two biggest goofballs around! We reenacted SNL skits, tape recorded parodies of game shows and had so much fun whenever we were together. He really made my weird sense of humor acceptable, and I've always held onto it!

    1. Thanks so much for throwing your name in the hat, Jill! Love that story about your cousin. "We're here to pump you up." ;-)


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