Monday, March 30, 2015

Creativity Stealers

Restructuring around here. I’m back to posting on Mondays & Wednesdays.
Mondays I’ll focus on the Business of Creating.
Wednesdays will be all about The Love of the Craft (specific writing-related posts).
“The beginning is always today.” Mary Shelley
Creativity Stealers
Ever noticed how at the moment you are most inspired something is sure to swoop in and rob you of your thoughts—your focus?
Today I’m calling out several of the most annoying creativity stealers and providing ways for you to take your imagination back.
Drama Queens
Everything is a crisis. And guess who wants you to hear all about it? The drama queen in your life. Be mindful of how much time you spend investing in someone who has made a nice habit of stirring up storms and soaking others in the process.

Clutter. Lost lists. Forgotten appointments. Misplaced goals. My desk often looks like someone tossed my notes up in the air and let them fall wherever they wanted. I’m always thankful when I spend a few minutes before setting to work to take a moment to straighten and reorder my physical world. It has an uncanny way of translating to my creative mindset.

Black Hole of Social Media
Pretty sure this one needs no further explanation. Best solution for me is to set time limits, take social media breaks every so often, and to prioritize the value of each site and where I’m investing my time.

Lack of or Unclear Goal
Ever walk into another room and forget why you went in there? Of course you have. You’re human. This is what it feels like to start the day without taking a moment to figure out what you’re hoping to accomplish. At the very least, once a month write a handful of goals. I’ve benefited from sketching out brief lists like this every morning. It’s not about crossing every item off as much as it is about having your goals in writing.

Working Without Rewards
End of a long day you want to put your feet up, right? What’s the equivalent to that for someone who’s been diligent about being effectively creative? Treat yourself with more creative fun. Sign up for the Color Run. Kids turn to cook (breakfast sounds great). Or, I love to get inventive with recipes. How about a nature walk through neighboring woods? Get specific. What screams great job, way to stay focused to you? An hour to yourself (bathroom doesn’t count)? Nibbling the ear off that chocolate bunny? That new journal with the yellow bird on the cover? Yep, been there, bought that.

Can you think of any creativity stealers I haven’t mentioned? And how do you curtail them?


  1. SO MUCH TRUTH IN THIS POST. I think everyone struggles with these to an extent, though perhaps they take on different forms and intensities depending on the person and the stage in's nice to know that you're not alone though ;)

    1. I agree, Anne, it's always good to know you're not alone. Thanks for stopping by!


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