Monday, May 16, 2016

Know What Keeps You Sane

Between the nightly school events to attend, work demands my husband has been dealing with, writing transitions, as well as a flurry of other stressors competing for my attention, I’ve learned the necessity of relying on my go-to list. For the sake of my sanity. What’s a go-to list? It’s a compilation of tried-and-true, time-tested methods that are sure to either put me in a state of peace or light a needed fire under me.

Here are some of the methods on my list…

Go for a run.
Grab a paintbrush and paint something—anything.
Carve out a day—an entire day—to write. Something. Anything.
Read a book with an addictive plot or hook-me writing.
Dance or be goofy with my kids.
Pet the dog for at least five minutes.
Spend time reflecting in a state of gratitude.
Get outside.
Soak in the tub. Lock the door. ;-)
Watch a movie like Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, or Couples Retreat (so wrong, but oh so right). Boom.
Reach out when I’ve been alone with my thoughts too long.
Encourage others when I begin to feel defeated.
Be emphatic about not giving up.

It’s not a comprehensive list. These are just a few of my lifesavers. But they work. They’re my reboot, do-overs and mind simmers. Do you have a list of things that help you to stay sane?


  1. Great list. I, too, find myself needing to preserve my sanity. Knitting is my usual go-to.

    1. What do you enjoy knitting, Audra? It helps to know what works. And what doesn't.

    2. Indeed. I enjoy knitting lots of things: hats, socks, dishcloths, etc. Currently I'm working on 3 projects: a blanket, a scarf, and a purse.

    3. I'm a huge fan of chunky knitted scarves. Cream, in particular. ;-)

  2. Running - clearly the amount I run indicates that I'm not sane and need to reboot often.

    1. Love this comment, Nylse! ;-) I get it. I really do.

  3. Great ideas! One of mine is swimming:)


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