Monday, May 23, 2016

A Keeper

I’m currently in the process of writing my fourteenth novel. I adore the early stages of crafting a story. I’ve also learned to pay close attention to an idea when the faucet transitions from a drip to a steady flow. In the past few months I’ve brainstormed several unique concepts for future novels. Most don’t stick. But there are those that do. These are the ones worth exploring for me.

One question I’ve pondered over years and years of writing is how I know when a story is a keeper.

How do I know when an idea is a keeper?

When the story begins to tell itself.

I wake up with character revelations. I go to bed with dialogue running through my thoughts. During conversations with friends I draw mental connections with what’s going on with my characters. I can’t shake the plot. It infiltrates my life—until somehow it’s become this undeniable thing I must address.

I trust I’m to pursue an idea when the characters begin telling me their story.

So, have a seat. Tell me, how do you know when you’ve begun something worth your time and investment?


  1. When writing is a flow and not a struggle :)

    1. That is such a strong indicator with me. And I've written for long enough to really get a sense of when something is working and when it isn't. Love that flow!

  2. What an excellent question, Wendy! Although this phrase has been overused, I know something is worth my time when "I feel God's pleasure." The words and thoughts jump from my heart to my brain and I can't key them onto the page fast enough. It's as if the Holy Spirit it applauding the gift he put within, that passion that can't be quenched.

    1. Profound answer, Jeanette. Thanks for your comment and for making me think. Sometimes I wonder if I don't hear so much of an applause as I do a quiet affirmation.


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