Monday, April 25, 2016

Cheers to Invaluable Author Friends

The publishing industry is madness. The highs and lows. Struggles with self-doubt. Elation after completing a project or receiving an offer. Talk about a wild world. Embarking upon a writing career means you’re bound to encounter sky high victories and Grand Canyon moments of discouragement. The publishing industry is madness, but it’s a madness I fully embrace.

This said, there are few things that I’ve found to be as motivating and bolstering as my author friends. They get the journey. I’ve been blessed with some of the most genuine, thoughtful, and encouraging author friends out there.

This post is for you—a thank you. Because I don’t forget. You’ve left a lasting impression on me. You’ve helped me to stay the course.

Cheers to you!

Now, back to my WIP.


  1. We need to be in this community indeed, since writing is kind of a lonely business :) back to my WIP.

    1. Glad you've felt the benefits of the writing community as well! Hope all is going smoothly with your WIP! Keep at it!


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