Monday, June 1, 2015

Six Ways to Give Your Creativity a Vitamin B12 Shot

Several months ago, after a doctor visit I discovered I’m vitamin B12 deficient. There were signs something was off. I’m glad I got to the root of what was happening with my body. Because there was a solution. And I’m on it. After a few weeks of receiving vitamin B12 shots in the arm, I now take the highest dose of vitamin B12 and I’m back in action.
Our ability to be creative can fall into a slump sometimes, too. Something can just feel “off.”
Today I’m hooking you up with six ways to inject you with a burst of creative energy. I’m all about inspiring you to get your imaginative juices flowing once again.
Change Up Your Routine
I recently was struck by what a successful entrepreneur admitted to doing in Fast Company. He shared how he frequently varied his routine, with the specific intention of allowing the floodgates of change and ingenuity to flow in. Sometimes we impede fresh ideas to filter in when we grow too accustomed to our days unraveling the same way. We become handcuffed by routine.
Step off the path. Turn off the phone. Drink coffee several hours after you wake up. Okay, now that’s just crazy talk.
Get More Sleep
Zzzz’s are good for mental clarity. Forgo the must-see TV show. That’s what TiVo is for. Your brain will thank you for it.
See Deep as the Veins
When’s the last time you noticed the veins of a leaf? They’re really quite beautiful when you take the time to have a closer look. The potential is out there for you to do this in all aspects of your life. Listening in on conversations while waiting at the doctor’s office. Noticing a relative’s wrinkles when they smile. Registering what happens to your body when you feel excited, scared, tired, etc. Look deeper. Feel deeper.
What’s Going Well?
One question. Wake up thinking about the answer to this one question. If you make a point of starting your day with a grateful perspective you might be surprised how many streams of innovative ideas shine down on you. Because you are making a choice to see a sun that’s always been shining.
Become a Five Senses Guru
Smell the budding flowers. Pet your dog a thousand times. Take time to savor the taste of an avocado. Spend ten minutes doing nothing but listening to the sounds of birds twittering outside your window. See a world in a grain of sand—make Wordsworth proud.
Try On Her Shoes
Imagine—really imagine what it’s like to be the grocery store clerk. What makes her laugh? Who is her best friend? Don’t just skate over the surface—what’s her favorite color, whether she’s married. Plumb the depths. Practice empathy. By envisioning what life might be like for another I’m willing to bet you’ll be blown away how your own life implodes with fresh inspiration.

What rejuvenates you when your creative juices are drying up?

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  1. I love this...just slow down, breathe. The sleep one is so hard for me, I'm often the most inspired at night! But I always pay for it the next day...

    1. My mom and I recently talked about this. When we lack sleep we were saying how we really feel it two days later. Ah...breathing. I forget how important it is to be mindful about.

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