Monday, June 8, 2015

Five Personality Types that could Adversely Affect Your Creativity

Sometimes I think if I were the only person on earth my creative abilities would be off the charts. People have an uncanny way of derailing our potential if we let them.

Today I’m throwing out five personality types that are sure to deflate your creative genius. So be on the lookout and manage your time with folks in your life who fit in these categories.

First up we have…

The Drain-O

They need you in the morning. They need you in the night. They need you when they’re beaming. They need you after a fight. What’s the key word in these sentences? Need. This individual will suck the creative juices right out of you if you just give them the right size straw.

The Priority Crusher

“That can wait. There’s always tomorrow. Wait until you’re inspired.” These three lines are familiar coming from the priority crusher. They don’t see the value in expending your energy on a project. (Especially pay attention to how this one will undermine your creative efforts if you don’t get paid for your project or if your craft doesn’t rake in lots of affirmation from others.)

The Doppelganger Assigner

This person makes it their job to compare your work to others. It doesn’t matter if they’re doing so in a positive manner or not. If there’s one thing I can’t emphasize enough about an untouchable creative spirit it’s that every single one of us bring something wholly unique into this world. Sure you can always find similarities between different artists, but someone who is passionately creative will always strive to imbue their own personal touch on everything they produce.

The Overly Critical Nag

You won’t win. Your project will never be good enough. You’ll never invest enough time, make enough money, create enough or clean your toilet bowl with Q-tips the way they do. Be mindful not to spend too much time with the person who is constantly finding ways to undervalue what you do creatively. Too many hours spent with this personality might lead you to actually second-guess what was more than fine to begin with. There are a whole slew of reasons why people do this—criticize as though they rule the world and all things in it—and most of them have very little to do with you or your creative talent.

The Rainbow Rider

I love this one. Because they mean so well. But that still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be wise about what’s really going on. They love you. They’ll call everything you do great because they want your approval, your friendship, your attention. This individual isn’t invested in your work at all and deep down really doesn’t care that much if you are either. They’ll sugarcoat things, dismissing how difficult it can be to stay disciplined with a project. They ride rainbows, look through rose-colored glasses, sweep all things difficult under the rug, and ride rainbows always landing in a thick pot gold, waving you along for the ride.

So, who have you been spending time with? Are they encouraging your creativity or not?



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