Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Closed Doors Days

Ever notice how neighborhoods switch into hibernation mode during the winter? Doors remain shut. Trips to take out the garbage are done in a hustle. Even shoveling is accomplished with low mumbled grunts and hurried waves. We crave the nests of our homes. Our caves. However, right about now I begin to desperately miss open windows. Open doors.

In the summer I drive with the my car windows down. At any given time you might look over into my soccer mom van and see me jammin’ to whatever music happens to be on. I’m not afraid to sing to you either. A little “I want to see you be brave” or “let’s get together and feel alright.” These days I’m using my window scraper and bouncing in my seat until my hands become warm enough I can trust them to steer.

So how do we step out of these encasements? How do we dare ourselves to walk outside in the cold to be pinpricked by the stars, to fall into our own snow angel, to converse with a lonely neighbor, to listen for birds (yes, there are still birds out there in winter)?

I think Nike was on to something with the whole “Just do it” slogan.

Open the doors. There’s a whole world out there! It’s been missing you.

Do you wanna build a snowman? ;-)


  1. Here's a simple cure to hibernation. Twenty-seven dogs.

    They won't let me hibernate...but more important, they keep me focused on caring for their needs, rather than feeling upset about a serious illness that's kicking my backside bloody.

    The dogs STILL have to go out. And there is beauty in the crunch of snow underfoot, and the sting of the wind on my legs (can't wear long pants due to badly-healed burns). The brightness of the stars on a frosty night, and the slow soft sound of snow...that I can actually hear falling.

    I prefer summer, but I would not want to miss this.

    1. Twenty-seven is quite an impressive number of dogs. Sounds like they are providing a needed distraction from your illness. And it's cool to know you're still absorbing beauty in life. Yep, I prefer warmth too. Warmth? What's that? :-)

  2. You're so right, sometimes I don't see my neighbors for weeks... short days, curtains and shutters closed. I do like to go outside though... just for a walk. if we had snow i would make a snowman :)

    1. We could build a thousand snowmen together here right now. More coming. ;-) I always miss my neighbors in the winter.


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