Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Key Highlights

Here’s something valuable to remember. No matter what all appears to be shaking down on the outside, the show or the finished product, keep in mind there’s always a spin cycle taking place behind the scenes. Oh, how much fun it would be to share all the behind the scenes tidbits of my career or even of what was going on as I prepared to launch my debut novella, The Disappearing Key. Oh what fun.

Instead, I thought I’d  throw out a Letterman top ten.

Here are my favorite Top Ten Behind the Scenes Moments related to The Disappearing Key

10. While chatting with another mom at my daughter’s basketball game we kept trying to figure out if we’d met before. She told me more than once I looked familiar. I asked her if she was in a book club, which triggered it for her. She smiled and said my book was on her bedside table. 

9. I’ve delighted in how the book clubs I’ve been visiting exude creativity. Members show up wearing “key” bracelets, they bring key lime pie, they offer a “Lock & Key” wine, etc.

8. A woman who is a prenatal genetic counselor at one of the book clubs I attended was curious who I interviewed to get a grasp for Gabrielle’s vocation. She expressed how accurately I captured things that she deals with in her role.

7. An author whose work I’ve admired for years sent repeated notes of encouragement, indicating how much she enjoyed my novella. She let me know she even read it twice.

6. I beamed the day I looked on Goodreads to find another author I respect (Carla Stewart) had given my novella a five ***** star review. Grateful for everyone who has taken the time to review this work!

5. Getting texts, emails, and phone calls from my mom whenever one of her friends or acquaintances calls her raving about The Disappearing Key. One of her best friends, whom she was unsure had even read my book yet, surprised my mom by telling an entire room of women they had to read it. She received word from a family we used to know when we lived in England that they read and really enjoyed my book. So much fun.

4. Feedback from family members, including distant cousins, friends, and other authors (thanks again to the endorsers). Support like this is invaluable. I’ll always be grateful for the Facebook posts, the tweets (Sue Harrison and Heather Gilbert, etc.) and the shout outs (special thanks to the elementary school staff). I’ve also found it really cool to read reviews from strangers.

3. My launch party where nearly forty people showed up to support me.

2. My husband’s response after he read it. Still savoring his words.

1. Have to say the most meaningful experience in the aftermath of releasing my novella involved the woman I dedicated the book to (read her story here). Erin’s reaction blew me away. She offered further affirmation that I’m thankful I went with my gut and took a risk with this book.

What’s been going on behind the scenes with you? 


  1. This made me a little watery eyed. How exciting to do something you love and find great satisfaction in. How exciting for so many others to let you know how valuable it is. Congratulations friend!!!

  2. Thanks Meg! It has been rewarding in many ways & a lot of work. I forgot to mention so many other highlights. A fun one I thought of is when I was handing my bookmark to the owner of a small restaurant one town over a woman approached me & said she was familiar with my book b/c a mutual friend of ours kept promoting it on Facebook. Stuff like that has really been getting to me + folks making the effort to let me know how the book has reached them. Fun experience.


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