Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Learning from Fellow Writers


I have quite a week lined up. Yesterday I spent a good chunk of my day interacting at a virtual launch party for Kathryn Craft’s The Art of Falling. I found the experience exhilarating and incredibly moving at times. Therese Walsh (founder of the informative writing website, Writer Unboxed) hosted an hour to share about her novel releasing in March, The Moon Sisters. (I have a special interest in this work because one of the sisters is a synesthete. I had a blast creating Oriana with synesthesia in my debut novella, The Disappearing Key.) I’m thankful I invested the hours. Tomorrow, I’m attending a reading by Heather Webb, who recently released her debut, Becoming Josephine.

It doesn’t surprise me how much I’m learning in these exchanges. One of my favorite things about writers is how candid they are. There’s not a lot of putting on airs or pretending the journey has been insanely easy. In fact, it’s comforting to discover how we all face obstacles and how for many authors it takes years from first sentence to publication day.

If you’ve visited here much, you’re likely aware of my passion for learning. I’m constantly craving to learn more. Today I wanted to give a shout out to the fellow writers who’ve been generous with their time and who’ve passed on invaluable insight along the way. Thanks for your humility, your grace, your tenacity, and your shared gift. You make the road, while pursuing this vocation, a little less lonely. You give me hope.

Who has inspired you recently?


  1. The learning I've gotten from other writers - both current and past - has made it possible for me to write.

    There are so many! And I am so grateful.

    1. I wish I could find some way to thank all the authors whose books have found a way into my soul. I love being grateful. Far better than griping.

  2. Thank you, Wendy! I had a lovely time as well. Thanks for being part of the day's festivities!

    1. Hey Flapjack! How cool of you to stop by. I'm in awe of you. Pure awe & I must say I'm entirely thrilled at all of your exciting news! Can't wait to read your book!!!


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