Friday, December 7, 2012

Moving Thoughts Friday

Every Friday I’m going to ask a question. The questions I choose might be ambiguous on purpose. The goal is to have you answer the question according to your beliefs, where you’re at in life or a circumstance that might have recently impacted you. The only thing I ask is that you provide an explanation for why you answered the way you did.

It’s my hope to understand you better through this and also to gain a greater understanding of humanity and how people make decisions.

‘Tis the season for being stilled.

What stills you?

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  1. Wow. That question made me stop and really think, for it is not easy for me to be stilled. I've learned to be more still on Sundays, to really receive my Sabbath rest, but that's been a discipline and there are occasions when it doesn't happen. I'll have to ponder this question some more.

  2. Sometimes my brain just shuts down. Like this morning. I've been still for 20 minutes! It's a miracle! :)

  3. Hmm...a verbal attack or even bad news can not only still me but paralyze me.

  4. Oh, and going with the season, I'd say...stress can pull me back and still me too.

  5. Mornings. I used to hate getting up early, but a few years ago, I forced myself to start getting up at 5 a.m. Took awhile, but I got into the groove eventually. And now I wouldn't trade that 5 a.m. quiet time for the world. So needed for me.

  6. My answer is here:

  7. We bought a house on the Mississippi last year and this is our second winter here. The river right behind our house doesn't freeze (the neighbors say there is a natural spring underneath it here), so we had almost a hundred Trumpeter Swans living on the river, right behind our house, all winter long. So far we've had a handful back this year. They definitely still me.

  8. Late in the evening when the lap-top is finally put away, my cat comes and settles on my lap. Because I don't want to disturb her, I still myself for a bit. Like others, I find it very hard to be still during the day- but I am find first thing in the morning during my time with God most days. On the rare occasion when i can't be- I have learnt not to be too hard on myself.
    I am going over to Annette's place now to see what is there :)


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