Monday, January 31, 2011

You Give Yourself Away

Here’s a U2 line moms know well. I sure as heck got familiar with this line in January. I’ve given so much of myself away lately, I’ve been looking for myself since last week and the only thing I’ve found is my fingers to type this.

We celebrated four birthdays in my family this month and I have to admit, I’m spent. Not just cooked. Not just fried. I’m one of those shriveled up, burnt crusty doohickeys you find hiding under your stove burners.

Here are some explanations to why I’m charred:
  • I baked or concocted over nine desserts this month.

  • I threw four parties, a surprise party for my husband, a gathering of four-year-olds dressed as their favorite characters, and two slumber parties two weekends in a row (what was I thinking?). I went through moments convinced my house has never been cleaner to a droopy-faced realization my house has never been such a mess after the parties wrapped up.

  • I finished the rough draft of my fifth novel. (I’ve also fallen madly in love with my next novel concept and characters, etc.)

  • I shoveled so much snow most mornings resembled a scene straight out of Groundhog Day.

  • I bundled my children up to look like the little guy in A Christmas Story enough times I began figuring out ways to beat my zip and button time.

  • I drove on roads slicker than any of the Jersey Shore lad’s hair enough times I clench up just stepping inside my car.

  • I watched as my husband went through some crazy, then exciting business changes.

  • A peanut butter jar decided to take a leap off our pantry door and skydive down onto my foot with a crash landing. Several toes took the hit hard, but they’re making an impressive (yet bruised) comeback.

  • And I’m currently reviewing four books.

Which brings me to one of the books…
Kathi Lipp’s The Me Project: 21 Days to Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted is exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m choosing to pour back into myself. To regroup, recharge and refocus. I’m much better at giving myself away when I have something to give anyway, right?

What are you going to do in February to consciously take care of yourself?

*photo of my little Rapunzel


  1. Um, may I just say...WOW. You have been busy, girl! YOu ned a nap--or I may have to take one for you because I'm tired just reading that list of yours! :)

  2. Our toes are black and blue! You've had quite a ride this month. Time for some stillness and rest, ay?

  3. Oh boy, Wendy. Your house sounds like mine at the moment. It's a revolving door with family members coming and going, but I LOVE it. If only I loved the cleaning afterwards...

  4. WOW. Deep breaths.. and my hats off to you. I take a day to myself IF I can find one.

  5. That sounds like a lovely list of things/events for which to be thankful - that you can still do all that! Have a great time refreshing!

  6. wendy- Hope you find a quiet place to read for moment or two.

    Be blessed.

  7. Ouchie for those toe-ees. It's a miracle you didn't break any! I have a free massage coupon I can't wait to use. :O)

  8. you have such a way with words. busy life, full life. we are so blessed.

  9. Oh Wendy! January is busy, busy for you! I am so happy to hear you finished your novel, though. Can't wait to read it.

    We celebrated only three family birthdays in January--I still have my hubby's next week. We got so far behind, we didn't get to go celebrate Christmas with my hubby's grandma until yesterday! :) Oh well, it's been smooth sailing. I hope you take of yourself next month!

  10. Wendy, that is one darling Rupunzel! Wow, four birthdays and sleepovers??? Are you super-Mom or something?

  11. Wow! You have been a busy girl! I hope you get recharged soon.

  12. Congrats on finishing this next book!!! We are on the same schedule.
    Your life is hectic. You also reviewed my chapter this past month too! Whew.

  13. Sounds like you must have a Super Woman cape in your closet. Wow! What a month. You deserve a break.

    I hereby invite you to join the Calgon Club. To be a member all you need a container of the scented crystals, a novel of your choice, and a tub full of hot water. Oh, yeah. Peace and quiet helps. Slip into that soothing soak, immerse yourself in a story, and let you cares float away.

  14. Jennifer, Did you drool? During your nap that is. I didn't nap. I spent a good part of my day helping a friend remove wallpaper. Good times. Actually, she cooked for me and she's practically a gourmet chef so it's all good.

    Katie, Stillness and rest, heck I'm ready to move into action...but for me this time. ;)

    Sarah, I'm not a huge cleaner so it took a lot out of me to do so much this month. Still praying for your sis.

    L.A. A day to myself. A day to myself. That sounds so nice. I think I'll say it over and over and wish it into existence.

    Karin, You so aren't kidding. I wouldn't trade a thing. I just think God has an enormous sense of humor with all three of our girls having birthdays w/in eight days. Funny, God...really funny!

    Kathi, So cool to see you here. I LOVED your last book. Such a boost for our marriage and I cannot wait to dive into this one!

    Diane, Now I'm the one drooling! I thought I broke one or two, but I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to physical pain. Don't think any are really broken, just damaged.

    Tess, Yes, busy and full and blessed. You nailed it. Now it's time to rest. Ha. I'm tired, can you tell? ;) Tired = sad attempt at poetry.

    Cindy, How much do I love that you just celebrated Christmas yesterday. My kids keep going around singing, "And a partridge in a pear tree" which of course reminds me of the novel and the wait...

    Karen, So anything but supermom. Let's just say I'd be caught seen in a lot of the same clothes last month. It's funny my sisters dressed me up and got a picture of me as a wee one that looks a lot like this one.

    Susan, I'm everready. Oh man, I need to stop these lame attempts at jokes.

    Terri, Yes, I did a slew of things I didn't write about. Strong concept there, woman. Excited to read the rest.

    Keli, No, but I have my Ogunquit sweatshirt and a few old Young Life sweatshirt I've worn to holes.

    I'm delightfully accepting that invitation to the Calgon Club. Reading some good books now. Peace and quiet, ha. That's funny.

    You all made this post worth writing. I almost took the day off. Because of you I'm glad I didn't. I forget how much visits here are part of me recharging!

    Rest up, the best is yet to come.
    ~ Wendy

  15. Hi Wendy -

    I'm exhausted reading this! I suggest a weekend getaway for you and your husband. :)

    We have two birthdays in January, but one birthday boy lives out of state. When hubby was alive, we had three in January.

    February is my birthday month, but the weather isn't cooperating. Maybe I'll spend some of those Swagbucks on books and hibernate for a week or two.

    Susan :)

  16. Wendy--

    Wow, what a month! Your January sounds like our May/June (so many birthday and anniversaries).

    Trusting you'll find time to rest and recharge this next month.


  17. Wow, busy month! Hope you can find time to relax. Our busy month is JULY!

  18. I agree, you need to recharge! Hopefully this month will seem dull in comparison. Dull can be nice sometimes. :)

  19. Oh my goodness, Wendy--no WONDER you're spent! I'm exhausted just reading all you've done in the past month.

    I hope you're able to rest and get refreshed. I think you need a lovely bubble bath, some gourmet chocolate, and a nap! :)

  20. Wendy, you just shut my complaining lips up! Besides the mounds of dirty diapers, days without adwquate sleep, and a WIP that needs whipping into shape my life is pretty normal:)

    I pray February is full of great writing and quality family moments!

  21. My cousin wants us to start running. I also want to focus on reconnecting with my blog this month. I tend to ignore it whenever I'm in classes, which makes me sad. I know I have a good bit on my plate, but I want to make room for dessert!


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