Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8 Things I’d Say to 30-year-old Me

You are going through one of the hardest trials of your life, but hang on for the blessing. You are on the brink of being blessed with a beautiful gift. Wrestle it out and hang on.

You’re learning more about friendship, how genuine and thoughtful women can be working toward a common purpose as you lead the MOMS group at church.

Yes, you will always look tired until about 10:00 a.m. Even after you have newborns, you’ll still feel wide awake early in the morning, but you’ll never look it.

You are a couple years away from discovering Facebook and it will baffle you how you could connect with so many from your past, those from all the places you’ve lived. But this is merely the beginning of many friendships you’ll discover online.

There will come a day when there are no more diapers to change. And oddly enough, you’ll miss it. Only a little, but you will.

Things you say to your father will mean more to you in a few years. Life is short. Choose your words carefully.

Your man’s company will ask you to move again in a less than two years and yes, you will be nine months pregnant (again!).

Breaking through the hardship, you will feel closer to God than ever before and realize the depth of His love for you. You’ll become bolder about sharing your story (you’ll also love to seek out stories) and the impact of His love on your life. You’ll surprise yourself how unafraid you’ll be!

What would you say to 30-year-old you?


  1. I'm only a year past 30, so I'm not sure I have a ton to say to my 30-year-old self yet. Oh, wait---I'd like to tell 30-Year-Old Me not to worry so much about turning 30. It's not that bad. Because 31 is way worse, and I have a feeling 32 is going to be devastating...

  2. Yep, I'm 32 now so this maybe a bit one sided.
    I would say to never let go of my dreams for writing- one day the children will be older and less demanding.
    I would challenge myself to really rally behind my marriage and to be watchful of the enemies schemes.
    And lastly, to cloak myself in Christ. He will be my best friend.

  3. Moving at nine months pregnant! I can't imagine.

    I'm 30-years-old right now. I would tell myself it's time for another cup of coffee :)

  4. i would say many of the same things! amazing how many similiarities there are :)

  5. Hmmmm, 30 yr old me doesn't exist yet. LOL I hope that 30 yr old me will be in love with her husband, published, and passionate about loving Jesus.
    We'll see...:-)

  6. I would say it'll get worse before it gets better, but it WILL get better!

  7. I would say you only thought you were done having kids, the best surprise is yet to come. Slow down and don't hurry to be back at work, you'll learn you are happier at home. Don't take your health for granted, you will long for those healthy days before long.But don't be afraid, because through it all your strength will be constantly renewed by your heavenly Father:)

  8. Crap! You made me cry!

    I was 30 just last year and I would tell myself to be less critical of myself. Love myself more. Be grateful for the time you have and don't worry about being just a little late if it means enjoying your children more.

    Thanks Wendy!

  9. Well, since I am only 29...(okay, 29+6):)
    To 30 year old me I would say:

    "I know you think losing Dad last year was as bad as it could get. You are wrong. Cling to God. He will be your rock and your anchor. Cling to your husband, he will be your unwavering supporter and your soft place to land. Five years from now, you won't have it all together, but you will have stability, security and finally be able to breathe again."

  10. Beautiful post, Wendy! I love the new look of your blog. Sorry if it's not really new. I don't make the full rounds as much these days!

    I love the last thing on your list!

  11. I'd say hang in there. You'll survive this one, just like you will the next. Don't worry life will bring you a surprise soon. Cherish every moment with him for it won't last too long.
    It's good to be here again, Wendy.

  12. Bit of backstory. The year I turned 30, which was 1989, Gwynly had just been hired for his dream job four months before, teaching at an American military high school in Nürnberg, Germany, and we were living there.

    I'd tell my 30-year-old self:
    •Don't be so fearful of speaking German. Wonderful friendships can be formed when you step out of your comfort zone.
    •When you lose that first baby a year from now, take comfort in the thought that you'll be holding an amazing little girl in your arms just one year later.
    •When the Wall falls, the world as you know it will change, but change is good. Your hubby will find himself out of a job, but he's got a great one coming up. So, don't waste 18 months of your life worrying.
    •When the Lord leads you back to the US to the town next to your in-laws, rejoice. They won't be with you much longer, and you'll end up feeling blessed beyond belief that you got to know those two wonderful people and soak in their love up close and personal.
    •Treasure the time with your daughter. She'll be grown and in college before you know it.

    Wow, Wendy. I didn't expect to be moved to tears by your blog post today, but you helped me recount some precious moments in my life. Thanks for that.

  13. Love this series of posts! I had no idea you moved so many times and so pregnant while doing so! Hats off, girl I'd be a mess.

    What I'd say to me is hang on, after four boys the Lord is about to give you one of your deepest desires, a little girl is on her way. =)

  14. I am 30, so essentially I'd be talking to myself. Which is not at all unusual, mind you. I think today I'll remind myself that life changes quickly, so enjoy what I have right in this moment.

    Beautiful post, Wendy.

  15. Every time I move, I've been pregnant. I so feel that.

    I'm only a few years past thirty, but I would tell myself that it's okay to let go and cry more often. Sometimes it makes you feel better.

  16. I would tell my 30-year-old self to believe more in yourself.

    Great post.

  17. That was sooooo long ago. I'd say stop doing so much and start being.

    And write. Just write.

  18. This was such an amazing post that prompted me to reflect on my own life and how God has not only planned my life, but guided me and carried me through! Thank you sister!

  19. I've loved reading your notes to self. You and I have so much in common. We moved for my hubby's company when my oldest was a few months old, and then when I was pregnant with my youngest. Fun, fun!

    I would say to 30-year old me: The fear and confusion you feel will disappear and you will grow much closer to the Lord. Don't be afraid of earthly troubles.

  20. Rachel, I made it to 35 and I'm still thriving. It gets better.

    Tamika, Sounds like you'd tell yourself some pretty powerful things and sloooowly I've found that the physical exhaustion from watching the kids is lifting...slooooowly.

    Julie, Oh man, I'm with you. We had quite a day here. For a good part of the day we were trapped in by snow and ice. Good times!

    Amie, I love that about women, so often we can find something to connect us.

    Jessica, Sounds like a game plan. Great goals!

    I.B.G. I try to avoid world news at all costs. ;) Kidding. But it does stress my out sometimes. Can you say riots, etc?!

    Mining, Hope that's the truth here too. We've had a rough Jan. and so far Feb. with weather and I've been fighting some gunky stuff too (not of the physical kind).

    Kara, Isn't that true, about Him renewing our strength. What a rich reward that is. Such an inspiration to keep on keepin' on.

    Bonnie, Crap, I made myself cry! ;) And then you got to me again reminding me my words are worth something. So thanks back at ya!

    Dawn, I get this more than you know. Oh, do I get this!

    Lady Michelle, So cool to see you. I've wondered about you lots and clearly I'm not all that great about making the rounds either. But I'm really glad you swung by!

    Oh Ellie, I've thought of you. I'm glad you are back and that's what I'm praying that you are back!

    Keli, You moved me to tears. It's easy to forget why I keep at it. Sometimes I get discouraged without a real reason to be so and once again you blew me away w/ encouragement. Did I ever share the story w/ you how as a six-year-old I pretended to speak German in elevators in Germany with my mom. She had to be so proud! :D

    T., Girls rock. I really love my girls. I think I might be lost with a boy. Yeah, moving with a basketball belly was mere craziness.

    Beth, Needed that reminder today. I think it's good to feel humbled b/c in my gut I know so much is coming.

    Elana, I go through spurts of years without any tears. It's weird. And then I gush. I'm healthy like that. ;)

    Patti, Thanks. It's important, what you're getting at. I think as we grow older we understand more and more we have something to offer this world.

    Sandra, I feel convicted of a lot a doing lately. I need to be more. I feel a post coming from this. Thanks!

    Cherie, I like to think forward mostly, but these posts have been a powerful reminder of what He's brought me through.

    Jill, I think He teaches me most in those times. Even though I resist them big time.

    Thanks ladies for chiming in. I so value your opinions here. It makes it conversational. I love that. I love that you're engaged and that I'm not just talking to a wall (which I easily could have begun doing today having been trapped inside my house with kids after two snow days!!!!!!)

    Be comforted. I didn't talk to walls.
    ~ Wendy

  21. Hi Wendy,
    What a lovely post.

    I think I'd tell my 30 year-old self that

    ~it only seems insane to have had my girls so close together. When they grow up as best friends it will seem like the wisest move ever.

    ~ to cherish moments with my dad because I'll miss him more each year he's gone.

    ~ to remember to show my husband how much I appreciate his willingness to sacrifice and work hard so I can stay home with the girls.

    ~ to cherish all the little moments because (as Keli said) they're grown and off to college before you know it.

    There are probably many more wiser things to say, but I'm not wise enough to think of them tonight.

  22. LOVED THIS! I loved reading your article. I read it this morning, and it was on my mind all day... so I wrote my own article and linked back to you :)


  23. Wendy, I also did the nine months pregnant move!

    Lump in my throat for you and some of the commenters. You evoke life's poignancy so well.

    What I would say to myself at 30: the richest years of your life are ahead of you. The ups and downs are about to blow your mind. Fasten your seat belt, and pray.

  24. I love your reflections!
    I would say to my 30-year-old self, be glad you are awake all night with your newborn, She will be the only child you ever have and she is worth all the sleepless moments. Be thankful your husband is working because and that he can soon build you a beautiful home. Be grateful for your neighbor who reached out to help you and the friends you'll soon meet at church when you get the nerve to walk through the church doors.
    Can I go back to being thirty??

  25. So many of you are soooo young!


    I would tell my 30 year old self that over the next decade you will finally discover who you are supposed to be. You'll learn to be comfortable with who you are and where you are.

    oh, and that a decade can slip by before you know it!

  26. I 31 so I'm not sure this has the full impact on me as it would if I were to read it at a later age. But, I can say that the first paragraph really spoke to me. I've been through a lot of storms in the last couple of years! Here's to a smoother sail as I head towards 40!


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