Monday, October 4, 2010

We Are All Pinocchio

The nose is one of the few body parts that never stops growing. (I think I got this from Grumpy Old Men—not sure it’s true, but it certainly got my attention.)

This nugget of wisdom is important to remember.


It serves as a great reminder lest we all think we are greater than Pinocchio. Lest we forget we all fall short of God’s glory.

Because my thoughts multiply faster than things found inside a Petri dish, this made me think of how tempting it is to categorize sin. To classify one lie as greater than another, spending time dwelling on which one is worse. Reminder folks: not our job. Besides, God sees differently than we do. He has a bird’s eye view of our growing noses. We only need to look at our own noses in the mirror to be reminded we need a Savior.

We are all like Pinocchio. May your growing nose remind you each and every day of your need for Truth.

Any interesting findings you'd like to share?
*photo by flickr
**wanted to expound upon this, but we had a long car trip yesterday, we got home late, and some of us are battling a stomach bug. I plan to win.


  1. Truth. That's what it all comes down to, IMHO. Thanks for this, Wendy.

    I hope you all are on the mend, and STAT!

  2. so is it really true it never stops growing:)
    Your mind is always working!

  3. So true and a great reminder.

    (And I think our ears never stop growing too)

  4. Now you have me wondering ... do our noses really never stop growing? When I look at pics of me I think mine never stops :). But your point is so valid and the illustration so apt. Good post.

  5. Hope you feel better soon!

    Lovely gentle wisdom in today's post.

  6. Trips can be tough on the tum! I really like this. I 'sniffed' out where I don't put God first in my life just this weekend and sharing about it this day is making my air fresher. Great post!

  7. Hi Wendy, So true! It's tempting to judge and compare, but really we need to be looking at our own nose in the mirror. (Sometimes that's painful.) I hope you're feeling better and finding encouragement where you need it. Blessings!

  8. Amen. And hope your stomach feels better soon.

  9. Wow. A hefty truth from slender you! I love it.

    I'm reminded of how long my nose is when I criticize another, even in my own little mind. The Holy Spirit always says, "Oh, so you're so perfect?" Every time.

  10. What a great reminder! Thanks. And hope you get over the stomach bug soon.

  11. Need to keep our eyes and glory on Him. Good thoughts! :O)

  12. such a good reminder for me today. Thanks Wendy!

  13. Great reminder! I touch on this issue in one of my manuscripts. Who are we to classify sin. One lie is just as bad as another.

  14. Hi Wendy -

    This is one of those "you learn something new every day" things. :)

    Thanks for the good word.


  15. Well, said, Wendy! I've heard that fingernails and hair never stop growing either. Even after we're dead. Okay, that's kind of yucky to think about. Sorry. But you asked.

  16. Amen! It's a never ending process of learning while we're down on this earth. Thankfully we really do have a savior who is not only willing to teach but to bless! Feel better girl!

  17. Thanks for the reminder, Wendy! Looking forward to getting to know you a bit at the Alley.

  18. Janna, Yeah, sometimes it can be difficult to discern but I think I'm getting better at that.

    Terri, Yes, my mind needs a vacation. That is 4 sure. I'm not sure, but several Google hits said it was. Some said not. That was my goal, to have a bunch of people type in something like, "nose keeps growing." Fun. Fun. :D

    Jennifer, All the better to listen with. I think I read that too when I Googled this.

    Thanks, Warren. So fun you keep coming on by. Things you wrote in your book still impact me from time to time.

    Erica, Thanks. Had a recent run in that inspired this. I hope it's gentle. That's how I'd want someone to be with me.

    Lynn, Oh, you are good. Nice tie in! :D

    Sara, I think I do this more than I'd like to admit. I miss you! Just. Plain. Miss. You.

    Sarah, I'll second your Amen and raise you an Amen. Feelin' better. Thanks.

    Jeanette, I've heard those exact same words and then I have a loud honking laugh bust out inside my head. I mean really loud laugh!

    ESCRA, With a name like that! I'm tellin' ya. I need to remind myself daily.

    Diane, Oh, good point. When our eyes are on him we aren't preoccupied with our noses and he can shrink or fix our deviated septums, eh? How you like them apples?

    R&M, Loved meeting you. It was a good reminder for me, too. I don't ever want to forget. I have enough gunk on my own to be pointing out the gunk of others and trying to measure it.

    Susan, What a tease. Sounds like my kind of read. Must know more.

    Susan, (hey look at that two Susan's in a row. Can a make a Susan, okay moving on.) I thrive on learning something new every day. God humbles me in this way often.

    Heather, I did ask and you way beyond delivered. I can count on you for that! :D

    T.Anne, I hold out for the blessing. I've wrestled like Jacob and I will hold out for that blessing.

    Julia, I'm excited to write over at the Alley too. Can't wait to spend more time getting acclimated there.

    Folks, I danced this weekend at the wedding. So much fun. I celebrated marriage. I celebrated having a reason to dance and then my daughter and I fell ill. But the story goes on. We are feeling better and I'm back to my punchy self.

    So fun to have you come on by today.
    You make this blog thing communicative.

    I began novel five today. In love with first drafts in a heartsick, lovestruck, seeing stars kind of way. Or maybe seeing stars is when cartoons get knocked over the head.

    Same feeling really.

    ~ Wendy

  19. Wendy, I pray you start feeling better!

    This post is spot on. I am forever a work in progress. I'm just grateful that God's grace is sufficient. (I need it)!

  20. Wendy ~

    As soon as I judge on sin worse than another and think I'm doing pretty good to be overcoming the "bad" stuff, the Lord shows me where I'm worst. Gaaaah! Yuck! Phooey!

    (And about our noses—I was recently looking at mine and wondering if it had always been this large. I'm NOT comforted to think it might get bigger yet! One more reason to say, "Holy Spirit, keep that belt of truth on me!")

  21. I always like people who think too much! :)

  22. Awesome reminder. Thanks for this, Wendy.

  23. So true, Wendy! I'll remember this every time I pass a mirror today! Happy nose growing!

    *Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons. It's great that you're always open to learning, sounds like you have a teachable spirit! And really, I'm sure I'm not very far ahead of you when it comes to technology! I've only just begun...Have a great week & God bless!

  24. Love this! It is tempting to compare sins. I know I'm guilty, but you're right about giving them up to the Lord.

    Please win that battle with the bug!

  25. Ears keep growing too. Maybe that means we should be better listeners as we grow older?

  26. Thanks for another great post! Yup, I've observed my nose and ears growing, but that's not all. My feet are bigger than when I was young and so is my girth! The hair and nails one can always trim - the others are more difficult.

    God is so patient with me and see me through Christ's finished sacrifice!

    Get well soon!

  27. Thanks for the post. When I first saw the title, I thought is was going to be that all of us our lucky to have escaped pleasure island without being turned into a donkey.


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