Monday, April 12, 2010

Booking a Vacation

In many ways reading a good book can be just as replenishing as taking a vacation.

Here are some similarities I’ve found between reading an enticing book and going on vacation:

* While reading a book, you meet people you might not ordinarily convene with.

* You learn about exotic and unusual locations and potentially new customs and social codes.

* Depending on the voice of the author, you might find yourself surrounded by a whole new way of speaking/communicating as you read.

* It’s easy to spend hours swept up in another world.

* Your brain feels satisfied and relaxed.

* You stay up later than usual, immersed in the newness and escape of it all.

* Routine worries and distractions fade into the distance.

How about you—booked a vacation recently?

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  1. Definitely a lot cheaper too. I read on the treadmill and that's like taking a mental break from the treadmill woes. :O)

  2. Ha! That is so true. Sometimes curling up with a good book is like getting a little "me" time that no one can disturb. :)

  3. Just got back from one!! But I didn't care for the ending!LOL

  4. This is so true. Sometimes, I create a mini vacation by giving myself permission to lie around and read a book. Not often. Life is busy. But sometimes . . .

  5. I've taken a few this month, and I've been nothing short of thrilled. These authors managed to transport me to another time and place that left me refreshed but still aching for more!

  6. Wendy, WHAT A WONDERFUL POST! And I so appreciated your comment at my place.

    Sigh. God has shown me such wonderful work to do that I am not sure if "vacation" defines my current state of mind. Kinda every day is a grueling workday, vacation, mountaintop, and valley all rolled into one.

    Yes, I'm trying to birth a book. And even when I vacation, it tags along!!!

    Love you and this blog.

  7. I totally agree. A good book is definitely the next best thing.

  8. So true. Plus, I usually read in the bathtub. I'll start pretending it's the ocean.

  9. Oh yes, I book vacations at least once a month, sometimes once a week. :-)

  10. I'd love to book a week long vacation with a stack of good books!! That would be an ideal vacation!

  11. Like Julie, I read in tub. The time with Calgon and a few chapters of a good book is my daily getaway.

  12. Yes! I had one last week and it was Heaven. I'm going to force myself to take them more often. I really need the escape these days!

  13. Great post, Wendy! Reading is very therapeautic for me. Love it!

  14. completely agree that good books are a vacation!!! :-) That's why I read so much, ya know.

  15. Cute. I like the play on words. :) As a matter of fact, I've been trying to organize our annual family gathering out on the Washington Coast for this summer. I'm not sure it will be too relaxing with nine kids along for the ride, but it will be fun.

    I wish I was already finished reading the book I'm currently reading. I guess it's more like a summer camp that goes on forever, rather than a good vacation. :)

  16. Too true!! LOL, sometimes when I read I end up with an accent. Shhh, don't tell anyone ;)

  17. I haven't in about a month, but when I find a good one-it's near me all the time.

  18. Too funny as I just posted on this very thing today!! I personally try to book a vacay as often as possible...but am not as talented as Diane, who can get a workout at the same time!!!

    Books...the cheapest way to travel!

  19. I need one soon... going through withdrawals!

  20. Wendy, it's great to meet you! I just got back from a "vacation" with the family and I'm more than ready to curl up with a good book!

  21. I need a vacation! I so agree. I really should make more time to read more often.

  22. Diane, Man, the cost can add up the way I buy books. ;)

    Jennifer, I used to try to read during the day, while my kids tugged at me, but I've learned to savor the evening hours for that lovely reading time. Ah.

    Terri, Time Traveler...I've been reading your blog. I liked the book far more than the movie, though I'm a Rachel McAdams (sp.) fan.

    Cassandra, Quite certain I go on a mini vacation every night. Spring cleaning...what's that?

    Tamika, It's the best when they leave you wanting to go back! Great point.

    Patti, You uplift me pretty much every time you comment and I thank you for that.

    Susan, According to this blog post I tried to make it the thing. Just had to cancel a little getaway, so you can just see me rationalizing my time.

    Julie, I used to do that, but stopped after I dropped a book I borrowed from a friend in the tub. Ohps.

    Sarah, According to my analogy I'm on about six vacations at once. How that works--not so sure? ;D Split book personalities.

    Jody, Let's go.

    Keli, Sometimes when all is hectic with the kids I'll yell, "Calgon take me away!" Good old 80's. I watched my share of TV, so I have plenty of commercials memorized.

    T.Anne, Is that the one you wrote on Twitter? I want to know more...

    Jill, For me too!

    Jessica, I heard the ya know on that comment. :D

    A.L. I love that, summer camp. Nice. Washington coast...wanting to know more. We lived over that way for years.

    Georgiana, Loved your comment. Not telling a soul.

    Karen, Mine float around the house too. Even though I'm likely to be interrupted in the day, I try to sneak a page in here and there.

    Bina, Absolutely...although like I wrote my bill adds up to a decent amount b/c I invest so much in all that paper.

    Kristen, Such a good point. When it's been awhile I miss a good read.

    Susan, You too and I meant what I wrote on your blog today. Welcome to laundry. ;)

    Lynda, I joke with my friends that I don't clean, I read. :)

    After all my comments about cleaning I should write for the record I do like a tidy house. I just find dust bunnies cute.

    It's so fun to connect with others who know what it is like to travel when you read.

    Traveling Mercies!

    Sleep and dream of other lands.
    Wake up thankful you still are here in this land.

    Time is a gift.
    ~ Wendy

  23. Good point! Love the supporting thoughts, and I have to agree.

  24. I find that if I have an hour or more to read, then I feel like I've been transported to another place. But anything less than that, and I feel resentful that I don't have more time to read (and I rarely get an hour or more to read in one sitting! Maybe I ought to book a real vacation?).

  25. You know what beats all? Reading a book while ON vacation. ;)


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