Friday, April 9, 2010


We interrupt the regularly scheduled One Question Friday for this:

Recently I received one of the greatest compliments of my life and here’s the kicker, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with God.

A living and active God—who has gifted me with encouragement—who has gifted me with words.

Reading this post by Mark Sayers encourages me in ways I cannot explain during this time of grief (the link on his blog shoots you back to a book review I wrote here at All in a Day’s Thought, several days ago for The Vertical Self). What a reminder of how God works in His children, using us to glorify Him even when we don’t realize that is what we’re doing.

This is such a beautiful cyclical example of God’s Spirit at work, I hope you’ll take the time to click to read more about The White Stone (and feel free to scroll your curser down a bit to read my book review to understand more).

How have you been encouraged in faith lately?


  1. Oh Wendy, this is beautiful! And yes I've been encouraged in faith so much this past week by so many of you all.

  2. Thank you, Wendy. Have a good weekend.

  3. Wow. Wendy. Wow. God is so sweet to give us hugs and kisses when we most need them, when we are falling apart at every seam.

    I'm happy for you that you are feeling His love and grace right now.

  4. Praise God!
    Every day He brings me new mercies--like a sweet note from a woman who shared her testimony with me and caused me to shared it with another and so on...

    I LOVE those GODSTOPS that make life exciting and adventurous. Some think our life is BORING!!!!???

  5. Praying a good weekend for you. :O)

  6. I love those God moments! He is so faithful and good, and gives us what we need at the right time. A compliment that relates directly back to Him is the best kind.

  7. Wow!!! This is fabulous! I loved the review you wrote about The Vertical Self. It's no surprise to me the author loved it too. Wonderful!!

  8. What a lovely moment to have with your father. I'm sure he is pleased to be with Jesus. Isn't it wonderful we are only seperated for a time and not eternity? God is so merciful. And yes, I cannot wait to hear my new name too!

  9. Words work in so many beautiful ways, don't they? Have a wonderful weekend ...

  10. Wendy!

    What a great encouragement! Don't you just love when God let's us see what He's doing behind the scenes?

    I hope you feel better soon, that God guides you safely through your grief, and that your excitement for novel #4 only intensifies!


  11. Wonderfully sweet, Wendy! And I am sure it couldn't come at a better time.

    I will miss you next week but maybe we can chat after and I'll give you the Cliff Notes version.

    Much love, Nicole

  12. Aw! That is VERY encouraging! Btw, I wanted to tell you how inspiring it is that you are so consistent with your blog posting. I am trying to get better at that. I also like your new background. very cool! :)

  13. I love how He does that - a gift from heaven, just for you. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Today, by a 12 year old who wanted to be baptized.

  15. In the times we need it most, encouragement comes from unexpected places. This is just a small part of the glory of God.

  16. this is so inspiring .. yes, I do see the hand of God in my life. What a sweet blessing.


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