Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I 8 Wednesdays--Pride Mountain

It’s a seductive hike. I’ve trekked it. And I’m going divulge one of my greatest fears about sending my name out in the world in this pursuit to be published—that His name would slide underfoot with the moss and leaves as I follow the trail.

I’m referring to the Sherpa-led pathway up Pride Mountain. This is one Sherpa you don’t want to follow. It’s the deceptive voice whispering in your ear any and all success you’ve garnered is because of your prowess, your diligence…your strength. Your giftedness. And while you may be incredibly devoted to your talents, pouring hours of effort into your craft daily, the Sherpa consistently reminds you you’ve almost reached the mountain peak—urging you to keep going. You’ve almost conquered. Mixing truth with lies, he tells you all credit goes to your legs, your determination, your keen sense of direction, and your knowledge stretching from East to West.

May I be held accountable whenever I climb so far up Pride Mountain I’ve lost sight of The Giver of All Gifts.

Last week in Bible study our pastor’s wife (one authentic woman) gave us a list she found online (sorry, I don’t have a reference) revealing some eye-opening symptoms of pride. It certainly made me rethink some ways I live…

Symptoms of Pride:

>Are your feelings hurt easily?

>Does it irritate you when people don’t agree with you?

>Does it really bother you when someone corrects your mistakes?

>Do you find yourself giving more criticisms more than compliments? Are you often critical of other people and pointing out their faults and failures, rather than their good points?

>If someone has hurt you or done you wrong in the past, do you hold bitterness and resentment against the person?

>Do you seek praise for things over which you have no control?

>Do you feel offended or not appreciated when not given credit for something you have done?

>Do you often compete or compare yourself with someone else? Are you always trying to do better or have more than some other particular person?

“I lift my eyes my eyes up to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip—he who watches over you will not slumber…” Psalms 121: 1-3

*photos by flickr


  1. Wendy,
    This was a very good post to remind of us this important part of a journey as a writer and as a person as we try to achieve our goals. Thank you. Have a really good day and send me a chapter!

  2. This is a great reminder to remember where all our blessings come from.

  3. Wendy, I love this list! I'm going to share this with our women's ministry. I see some areas personally that I need to confess- thanks so much for this.

  4. Wow, what a good list! Pride is something I DON'T want to have, but like you said, it's seductive and kind of sneaky too. I'm hoping God keeps me humble forever. LOL The one thing on there that really hit home for me was the mistake correcting. I'm always annoyed by that. *cringe* Thanks for the eye-opener!

  5. What a very good reminder. She sounds like a very wise woman! I love your analogy to pride mountain. I have that fear as well. Maybe it's why I don't write as often as I should... I was recently talking to a friend about the meaning of humility - Pride's opposite. We were discussing how it's often seen as self-deprecation or having a low opinion of oneself, but I think the real definition is having complete dependence on God. When we have that, we know our own self-worth and we can balance that with the knowledge that everything we have was given to us by Him.

  6. So true. It reminds me of Hinds Feet in High Places - one of my favorites.

  7. That is a great list and a great reminder, that pride is the downfall of man.

  8. Ouch. Number one hits home, yes my feelings get hurt easily. I NEVER realized it could be a symptom of pride. Great list and something to think about today.

  9. YES! Unfortunately. It's always about ME. LOL!
    We love ourselves. Hence, the command to love your neighbor as yourself. :)
    I was reading a good book on "anger" and even when we get mad at our kids for say...bad behavior out, it's really unrighteous anger. We're more embarrassed for ourselves and may lash out unjustly before thinking.
    Those kinds of things really make me take stock of my pride. Good list!

  10. Great list. I'll be watching for these in my life. I don't want to go down the path of pride. That's for sure.

  11. What a wonderful post! Sigh. I think the isolated nature of writing can lead to this predicament.

    Thanks, you sweet thing.

  12. I was convicted by that list, too. I was particularly having a hard time with it in terms of networking as an artist. I promote my blog and website so that people will see my work. It's what they train you to do at school. But is that kind of self-promotion pride driven? Gosh, it's so confusing sometimes. Great post. Great reminder to just keep giving it back to God.

  13. Those are excellent questions to ask yourself. Thank you. :)

  14. Wow, do those hit home, or what?

  15. Wendy:
    I should say,"Ouch" because a couple of these hit home with me. But, I will say,"Thank you" for sharing this list with us.

  16. Wooo Hoo! Now that's hitting someone with a solid 2x4, my friend. Powerful list. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. You're the least prideful person I know. You have a natural confidence, but it's humble. You're an inspiration to me--I hope you know that.

  18. Ouch. I suppose I'm more prideful than I thought. That was a great list and it gives me tons to think about as I go about my day.

  19. Wow, what a great reminder. I'm definitely guilty of some of those. I think my life is a constant pride cycle:

    1. Get excited about great things happening
    2. Congratulate self on job well done
    3. Remember to give credit to God or be reminded to give credit to God
    4. Humble myself
    5. Receive more blessings

    It seems to go round and round and I constantly have to check myself or be humbled by an outside force. Maybe someday I'll get it right.

  20. Associated with pride is a fear of the ordinary. Most people want to feel special. Many are on the trek.

  21. Ouch! Painful post, Wendy! But oh so true! Thanks for this timeless truth! Have a very blessed and relaxing weekend!


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