Monday, October 12, 2009

In My Dreams

My mind is active at night, a Cirque du Soleil of thoughts. Last night I dreamt I was a guest at a wedding and at one point during the reception a man stood, surprising the guests. He read a satirical poem about college and you know what? It was good. It was really good. Guests applauded. I sat in my dream seat and contemplated just how good the poem was.

Mind you, I’m not exactly sure what purpose a man reading a well-written poem about college served at a wedding, but dreams are like that aren’t they? At least mine are. Dots need not always connect.

Here’s where it gets odd. I woke up thinking about the poem and how erudite the man must have been to come up with such lines. HA! Erudite. Why I write that is clearly I came around to recall that I wrote the poem. The poem originated in the corridors of my own mind.

No worries about me puffing up too much, though. Here’s how the rest of the dream played out…
After the thunderous applause slowed, I stood and made my way to the restroom (as all ladies do at such events) and promptly got vomit on me. I’d decided to help someone who’d been getting sick and splat. It somehow had landed on my neck. Blech!

I’m not in the mood to pull a Freud, trying to decode what every little thing meant, but I will say that I like how God humbles me, even in my dreams.

Dream anything interesting lately?

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**I’m attending the Muse Online Conference this week, so I might not be as out and about in the blogosphere (the Wally World for bloggers)


  1. The Wally World for Bloggers! Ha, I love that. So true. :)

    I've had dreams like that, too, where something so brilliant comes from someone in my dream. And then I wake, realize it was my brilliance... and that there's no way I can reconstruct it in waking hours. Humility, indeed. :)

  2. My dreams are so lucid. I smell things, colors are more vivid than in real life and there are some scary and frustrating events that occur. I've had nightmares since I was five. Thought I was weird but I've talked to many other writers and they tell me of the same experiences!

  3. That's really interesting! So your subconscious knew it was your poem and after all the attention, your subconscious got scared and made a character vomit. LOL

    I don't remember my dreams too often, so if God's trying to tell me something I may've forgotten it. Hmmm.

  4. I don't normally dream very often. When I do it is not pleasant. Bad dreams come for me, before good dreams.

    Sad, huh?

    There have been those remarkable instances where God speaks to me in a dream about direction or instruction over an area I may have been praying about.

    Have fun at the Muse Conference, I had hoped to go but found out about it too late. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. At least you remembered the poem when you woke up! I'm the one who can never remember...

    I just dreamed I was back in college and it was my first day. Definitely overwhelmed. Seriously... I've been out of school for 2.5 years and I don't think those dreams will ever stop. I still get the one about missing my geometry test as well. :0)

  6. Very emotional dream. I have a lot of dreams of being at old waitressing jobs and not being able to keep up with the 20 tables that just sat down. I'm sure that one means something too. :O)

  7. I think that was the Lord's humorous way of saying, "Don't get prideful about your erudite poem--pride makes Me sick!"

    I know you aren't full of pride, Wendy.

    What did you eat for supper? That was a wild dream!

  8. I love crazy dreams! My children run into my room just about every day telling me about their vivid dreams. I think it's a sign of a creative person to have such vivid imagination even in sleep.

  9. I'm a big dreamer, and have dreams that I remember in the morning almost every night. Usually they're some sort of adventure, but there's always some kind of barrier that I can't get past.

    I love how you call the blogosphere the Wally World of bloggers. My boss said something the other day about hearing that word and not knowing what it meant exactly. I kept my mouth shut...I'd rather it not be known that I know my way around said blogosphere!

  10. God can humble us in the most interesting ways, can't he? Hope you have a wonderful conference!

  11. Wendy, I've actually dreamed I was a guest at a wedding several times this month, isn't that odd? I wonder if the lord is preparing us for such an event? ;) But aside from that I've also had some serious dreams this month and last that stand out above the rest. I must admit I spend way too much time trying to understand the meaning.

  12. I often find that God humbles me in my dreams. I also find great inspiration in my dreams.

  13. Like Donna said above, my dreams are quite lucid and always very interesting. I know I dream in color at times as there are times like the night I dreamed I had to follow my husband up a mountaint to escape the blast of the almost-popped volcano and the way I followed him was by keeping an eye on his brilliantly red backpack. Why were we by a volcano, you might ask? Because it sprang right up and out of the daisy garden we were walking thru on the way to the store, of course...silly question to have asked, right?!?! ha ha
    Dreams are freaky, freaky things :)
    Thanks, Miss Wendy.

  14. I have some really whacked-out dreams. A lot of times they center around getting important things gathered in the event of a looming disaster. Like clothes, water, important mementos before a tornado or hurricane. Last night there was some really obscure event about to happen - something having to do with evil governments trying to brainwash us and take over all the good parts of our lives. I never got a really good feel for who the actual 'bad guys' were, but I remember driving down a neighborhood street with this caravan of others like us who weren't going to let ourselves be taken (after we'd gathered up the important belongings from our houses and packed them into cars). As we drove, the streets were lined with our neighbors who were all staring vacantly ahead, lined up waiting for their fate.

    It sounds really disturbing to write it all out...but it wasn't frightening while I dreamed it, just urgent. Weird.

    Wow, are you sorry you asked? :)

  15. That is both gross and too funny!! Humbling for sure!!

    Did you remember the poem enough to write it out, though?

  16. okay...seriously funny. how in the world had i lost your blog feed? i'm glad i saw a comment of yours on another blog...b/c i was like, WENDY! so you're on my sidebar now where i won't lose track. :)

    The Character Therapist

  17. oh, and i'm following too. maybe i never clicked on follow! gosh...retarded.

  18. I love dreams. They're amazing and wonderful, and make for good entertainment and story fodder. :D

  19. Strange and amazing dream. Almost as strange and amazing as the one we have when we are not sleeping.

  20. That's so strange...and yet interesting and profound at the same time. I had a dream the other night that I was pitching my new story idea at the ACFW conference. And I took FOREVER! I talked and talked and basically went on far too long. And then I asked the agent, "Did I use all my time?" This is so silly because I'm not a talker in person. To me, less is more. Or sometimes just less--but it's definitely more comfortable for me. (Clearly that concept does not apply in the Blogosphere :D)

  21. Wow! What a dream Wendy! I tend to dream plenty. In some I'm singing a lovely song that I do remember in my waking hour, which is great. But not too long ago I dreamt an interesting one. I was interviewing people for a book my sister was writing, except she doesn't write. The funny thing is I remember the title of the book... "The Ickolitis of Life" sub-titled, "The things that make you sick"... Have no idea where that came from! :D

  22. Wendy, I want to know what the poem said, too. Do you remember any of it? I dream, but usually can't remember, unless I wake up, or dear hubbie wakes me, because I'm making noises. (In my scary dreams, I can never yell or scream-so they come out like grunts...) Oh, well.

    Love reading everyone else's dreams, too.

  23. Wendy, I answered your question about NaNoWriMo on the Kindred Heart website. Love your photos!


  24. Love it! Your dreams sound a lot like mine. Oh wow...the other night I had the MOST bizarre dream.

    My principal started sprinting through this river, getting his suit all wet. He hid on this huge rock and started making duck calls or whatever hunters do. And in my dream, I was like, "What is he doing?" Then I looked in this cave across the river and saw a frog, only it was HUGE, like a giant, giant frog. It came out of the cave and ate my principal. Then it spit him back out and he was laughing and he said, "This happens every time!"

    I have no idea what Freud would do with this dream...

  25. I wish I had time to respond to each of you. I want to go crash w/ the hubman. Just got back from time out with a friend, time out being time out of the house, not time sitting on the naughty step (though that would have been comical and we still would have been able to talk)...

    I laughed out loud at some of your interpretations! Excellent. You all make me proud. And I also enjoyed reading about your whackadoo dreams. You make me sound normal, which anyone who knows me would proclaim great reservations...

    Sleep knowing that every single thing you've ever done, are doing and will do has been forever forgiven!

    Now, that is rest food!
    ~ Wendy


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