Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Word Chuck

Some words are no fun. They are not fun to say or to think about. Their definitions aren’t fun and they’re not fun in the way they make you feel. They’re not fun with a fox and they’re not fun in a box. Some words are just no fun.

Today’s the day we can chuck ‘em. Pick a word, any word and we get to do a National Word Chuck (maybe we’ll start something here?). Just for today, we’ll metaphorically toss the words to the wind and let them drift away.

And you don’t even need a reason for why you want to rid of the word you choose. If you do have one though, of course I’m curious to know what it is.

My words and the reason they are being chucked today:
Smarmy: It means creepy and oily at the same time. I think that is enough of a reason.
Rage: Obviously I’d love to throw hate and anger and bitterness to the wind, to chuck ‘em too, but I know chucking the word doesn’t extinguish the actual problems. I picked rage because I couldn’t resist choosing a word rooted anger.
Zit: Pimple or blemishes have a much nicer ring.
Cadaver: Weird imagery and weird word. It’s not fragile enough somehow.

Feel free to select one or more than one.
Have fun, because after all, if nothing else, words should be fun!

*photos by flickr
**tomorrow I play around with 5 words given to me by
Kristen Torres-Toro


  1. fart: ew. that word has no class.

    tardy: too librarian

    hey, this is kinda fun!

  2. impossible: In Christ it just doesn't exsist!

  3. let's see. i dislike some words b/c they just sound gross.




    and these are just off the top of my head. i think they can definitely go.

    and of course not...you don't smell. i'm just retarded. i've corrected my unintentional slight. :)

    The Character Therapist

  4. But.
    You just don't need it! For example, I was going to write today, BUT . . .
    Yeah, just chuck it.

  5. Lol, Jeannie. Yeah, fester is gross. I think the word carcass is just harsh. And for some reason I've always hated the word bangs. It's so abrupt sounding for simply talking about hair.

  6. "Finances"...because that word is giving my husband stress that I can't help carry and it breaks my heart. :*(

    ...am just glad that I have a Bookkeeper who loves us both enough to balance the Spiritual budgets even as we try to balance the money-based one. :)

    Hugs to you today, Miss Wendy.

  7. Bondage.... of any type. Hate it! :O)

  8. I have another word...

    Weak. (Ugh!)

  9. "fellowshipping" with one another.

    This slang verb construction steps on my writerly sensibilities. It's a shame to do this to a good noun.

  10. Pain.




    I need to stop now because I'm on a roll! LOL!

  11. LOL Hmmmm, I really don't know what to choose, although I will admit that the word fart has always sounded odd to me. Never could say it write. Heh.

  12. Rant I do it too, but can we just be honest and say 'tantrum'?

    Can't I'm with Susan on that one.

    Loser No such thing until you reach Hell.

  13. Chubby: Ya, ya. I know I've got baby weight to lose. Shut up.

    Rejection: WHAT! This is the best book you're ever gonna see. EVER. And you just rejected it? Well, I summarily reject you, you . . . oh, crap. I just used it huh?


  14. Whatever: as eyes roll and the person sighs.


    And ditto on many above!

  15. Fat--because I wish it didn't exist. :)

    Hate--because it's terrible and considered a bad word in my house.

    Just--because it's the one word I always need to edit out of my writing. :)

  16. Okay, this is a little risk-ay, but one word I hate is:

    panties...ugh, I really don't like that word. There's a reason for it too. Some creepazoid pranked called me when I was eight and let's just say, he used the word and now I can't stand it. Gives me the heebie-jeebies

    I agree with fart. What a weird word. I used to call my brother a fart-head when I got mad at him (I was younger, of course)

  17. Tess, you started us right up, didn't you? :D

    Susan, I agree.

    Lauren, and that's even Biblical!

    Jeannie, so glad you're here and that I don't smell putrid.

    Rosslyn, I've never known how to be anyway! :D

    B.J. Chuck But! Couldn't resist.

    Cindy, good point about bangs. You had me thinking beyond the frivolity of this post.

    Tamika, your first one struck me, especially. God is not a God of fear.

    Eileen, are you writing Canadian speak? Flue made me think of Chim Chiminey...Chim Chiminey...Chim Chim Churoo...a favorite around here.

    Bina, nice economic tie in!

    Diane, profound...I LIKE.

    Tamika, good one. I agree!

    Cassandra, maybe two fellows are shipping something? :D You make a fine point.

    Jill, HA! I'd like to rid of that at times, too!

    Donna, Paine is my maiden name, so ridding of pain feels too close to that and the other two I like. Icky and yucky are fun words to say with little girls. I appreciate your roll though.

    Jessica, never could say it write. Now there's a book title. :D Teasing a little b/c I don't want to think about the word fart anymore.

    Anne, true about losers in hell.

    Amber, I had a friend that used to call herself fluffy. I loved that description. I'm with you on rejection.

    Karen, two good ones to boot. They are flying in the breeze.

    Jennifer, can we still keep phat? :D Hate is so very strong, isn't it? Thanks for giving me one more word to cut. :D

    I am so glad you all play these games with me! They keep life fun, don't they? I'm speaking at a MOPS group tomorrow, so send up a prayer. I hope I don't say any of the above words.

    I hope when you close your eyes in bed tonight you are grateful for all of the beautiful words that exist and all the ways you can express beautiful things to those around you.

    Sleep creatively.
    ~ Wendy

  18. Katie, we do this, write at the same time! Fun-knee. I'm all for underwear! Panties reminds me of the bathroom scene in Sixteen Candles too much.

  19. BILLS... they never end! Can I be 4 again... then we don't have to worry about 'em.

  20. I love this!

    Chartreuse--I can never remember what color it really is.

  21. I would get rid of




    and Fear

    Those would be mine. Can we just chuck these words out forever? lol! :o) Nice post!

  22. Cancer
    lost too many friends to it. If we could chuck the disease with the word how wonderful that would be.


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