Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Five Words

Kristen Torres-Toro gave me five words (thanks, Kristen). Five plump words to build a post around.

Here goes:
I grew up with three Norwegian Elkhounds. They ran in packs attempting to kill deer. So sadly, we had to give one away. We also had two cats, a pond full of other creatures, several birds (one imploded somehow) and two hamsters, Ben and Jerry (I’m pretty sure both were male and Ben ate Jerry).

Today, we own a Samoyed who is turning into a grumpy old lady, incontinent and prone to barking when she wants to come in. Barking to come in? Like I said--old and persnickety!

Are you wanting to read my memoir now or should I save it? :D Ah, family. They make us, they break us, they build us, they tear us down and they often see us when we forget to close the door when we’re on the p
otty. Nothing says vulnerability like trying to do your business while toddler stares up at you asking, “What you doin’?” Sort of puts a damper on Joey’s line.

Family of origin: My favorite thing to say when people ask about my three siblings and my folks is, “Come to our house at Thanksgiving. We’ve got a little of everything and I’m not just talkin' about the food.” I love every single one of them and am grateful for how much they continue to teach me.

Family God currently has me plopped into: A husband who is fiercely loyal and who could qualify as my exact opposite on some sort of personality scale. I’m thankful for his nudges, those pushing me on in life and those more sensual ones too (oh yes I did)! Three little girls thrill me and humble me daily, as they continually remind me that eating a meal without interruption is a luxury in life. They also have found a path to the deepest and most loving part of me.

After reading Gary Thomas’ book, Sacred Pathways, I discovered that both this word (nature) and the next word (music) are two of the ways I most connect with my God. Set me sail and tell me you’ll see me in a few weeks and I’m one peaceful mama. If it’s outdoors, I’m in. Hiking, camping, boating, walking a nature trail…in, in, in. The only exceptio
ns might be: skiing (not so much), skydiving (not anymore) and bungee jumping (no appeal). But anything else in the sweet outdoors and sign me up, Smokey (the bear, you know the one encouraging us not to start forest fires. Oh forget it. I might have been alone on that one).

I’m aware many people aren’t huge fans of automatic music on blogs. I’m aware of this and yet I leave mine. Can’t…stop…the…music! I’m a dancing fool and a music lover and as David Crowder once put it, “I’ll become even more undignified than this…”
Sing on, play on, ROCK ON!

Favorite Holiday
Major toss up between Easter and July 4th. So, I propose we start setting off fireworks and lighting sparklers on Easter and if we could just turn the temperature up about fifteen degrees and throw a burger on the grill, we’re good. Why I refuse to budge away from Easter as my number one…It changed everything! It changes everything and that kind of change calls for a celebration! And I’m all about celebration!

In fact, to end this post I’ll just say that: I want my life to be a day by day celebration. Even when my meals are interrupted, someone walks in on me on the potty, my dog eats a deer, my hamster eats a hamster, “a little of everything” at the Thanksgiving table doesn’t feel like passing the gravy, I have to go skiing, you don’t know the David Crowder song I referred to, you didn’t get the Smokey joke or the temperature is unable to ratchet up a few degrees on Easter…I will celebrate because the celebration is in me now and it’s going to find a way to bust out no matter what. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out dancing!

Let me know if you want me to throw five words at you.

*baboon and flower picture by flickr
**so curious your thoughts about Westbow...but I'll wait to ask


  1. FYI: If you are as intrigued as I am about Westbow, check out Rachelle Gardner’s post today. The conversation continues…

  2. Love the pic. Want to be there right now.

    Could write a book on those five words!

  3. I love Easter and Fourth of July, too! I'm all for having fireworks on Easter. :)

  4. You've had quite the different animal fatalities. I think my kids would have been in trauma for life with some of those... :O)

  5. WOOHHOOO!!! This was awesome, Wendy! We have a lot of loves in common--animals, nature, and music. It was cool to see how they influence you!

    Have a great day!!!

  6. My childhood animal friends all came to sad ends too. (What is up with hamsters? I think one of ours "Snowball" ate his buddy "Brownie" too--messed up.) It's fun to get to know you better.

  7. I love music! I enjoy the songs that play here. Kristen gave me 5 words too. I'll be blogging about them next week.

  8. I love it when people do the 5 Words... Thanks for sharing all of this and know that I am one of those who support and love the music! :)

  9. I love Easter, it always warms to know that Christ rose and conquered death! Wow!

    Awesome getting to know more about you. Family is of the most cherished aspects of my life.

    Check out my five words on Monday from Kristen!
    Happy writing...

  10. Great job on the five words. It revealed we have a lot in common. My husband is also my exact opposite in temperment and what a blessing that is!
    I could totally relate with your feelings of closeness to God by being in a natural setting. I would camp every weekend if possible because being among the forests, lakes and streams so fully restores my soul. Thanks!

  11. Easter's my all time favorite holiday! Better than Christmas because i don't have to wrap a gillion presents, just bake. Plus it's reserection day, what could be better????

  12. Wow! Awesome post! I love the way you brought everything together. It's so nice to know that each of us are similar in many ways. I enjoy music so much, my family of origin is a little coo-coo, and animals? I'm not going there. Ok just a little...

    My mother has more than 60 roosters who constantly like to fight to the death, 1 boar, 3 pigs, 5 piglets, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 goat, countless chickens, about 30 chicks, and 25 bunnies or so. Oh yeah! The Crazy Ranch in Puerto Rico! Loving it for about a week but no more! :D

  13. This post cracks me up (oh, yes I did)!

    We are an animal-loving family as well. Great info, Wendy!

  14. I always love getting your wonderful and encouraging comments on my blog. It is so comforting to know that there are so many wonderful believers watching and waiting with me. I can't wait to spend some time on your blog tonight reading your wise words. You have such a gift!

  15. I love your writing, Wendy. It was so fun to learn more about you!

  16. Okay, I need to know more about the imploding bird, (not the cannibal hamster, had one of those) and the skydiving. Wow, a woman of many talents.

    Good one, Wendy!

  17. Day by day celebration--love it.

    we had one of those eat-the-other hamsters a couple years ago too. Never again will we put two together in a cage, even they do seem to like one another.

  18. Wendy, I have never met anyone whose favorite holidays are Easter and the 4th of July...other than myself, that is! :) I love your idea to celebrate my fave holidays...and everyday.

    Keep rockin' to the music. It's a balm to the soul! :)

  19. I LOVE the nudging comment. Classic! Love it. :)

    I love your music. In fact, I look forward to going to your blog because it's like instant calm. Great taste.

    Throw 5 words at me. I'm ready! Can't wait to read your stuff!

  20. I loved reading this post today, Wendy! None of this surprised me! I think I've gotten to know you really well over the months just through reading your blog posts! Isn't that an amazing yet really weird thing? :)

  21. hey....this is a great idea. loved your info. hit me with the five words and i'll see what i can do with it.

    The Character Therapist

  22. if everything you wrote, all of which is great. I love I want my life to be a day to day celebration. And love that music.

  23. Donna, I felt the same. Maybe you should. :D

    Jennifer, okay, you buy and see how it goes this next year and let me know and then I'll do it the following year. :D Still laughing about bobbing for swine flu.

    Diane, that right there might explain a whole slew of things!

    Kristen, I loved the project and appreciated the words you gave me.

    Natalie, it's a hamster eat hamster world out there, I guess. Sorry, completely a punchy night for me. Warning: Will make weird jokes.

    Susan, thanks about the music and can't wait to read your 5 words montage.

    Bina, thank you and I must say, you have been nothing but supportive with your comments. For that I'm grateful.

    Tamika, glad you are doing it too! I am looking forward to getting to know more about you. I've enjoyed reading your blog.

    Ava, does your husband like camping, too? You inspired dozens of things I want to know about you now...I'll keep reading to learn more.

    T.Anne, nothing. Nothing could be better.

    Ellie, what is the saying about visiting with family, "after three days they are like fish and begin to stink?" :D Laughed about the animals. Coo-coo families are good for growth and grace.

    Heather, OH YES I DID. I'm married and it is ALL good. 'nough said. :D

    Liz, your words moved me, both your comment and the ones on your post. Still watching and waiting. Sometimes when I'm in a crabby mood I wonder if it is time and then I talk to God seeing if it is if He could just hang on a second until I shake off the "mood" a little. How foolish to think it has anything to do with me? I love that God allows me to tease and joke with Him.

    Cindy, from what you know already, I'm glad I'm not scaring you off. Thank you!

    Karen, oh, I should clarify...never have been skydiving, but before I had children I wanted to very badly. Now, with kids...not so much. And the imploding bird...I believe either the cat scared it to death one night, I overfed it or it was left in the cold. Memories are fuzzy, probably b/c it was my fault! :D

    Eileen, I think more investigating needs to go on about these hamsters. It's all sounding odd. This is when God truly reveals that I am not the only one when I thought I was.

    Gwen, Celebrate!!! Why is it that every time I read your writing I feel like I've just put lotion on my brain? Balm to the soul...ah!

    Katie, thanks about the music and I couldn't resist about the nudging. Just part of my married wiring. I'll think up some words and throw them on your blog prob. tom. My brain is fried...I need some more of Gwen's writing.

    Jody, and you are still here commenting? :D I'm thankful you are b/c I think you are the real deal, Jody.

    Jeannie, I'll brainstorm five and write them on your blog prob. tom. Brain still fried five seconds later (see response to Katie).

    Sarah, there was something cryptic about that comment, but it goes well with my day. Thanks about the music and I'm pretty sure my Spirit is about to jump out dancing here soon.

    Thanks for reading a glimpse of my five. Today was ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Had a wonderful experience speaking along with a dear friend for a MOPS group...then a lot of other things happened. Read a lot of comments about Westbow. It makes me feel humbled of all things, in complete submission to my Lord and Savior. My life and publishing path is His to have. So we shall see!

    See you tomorrow as long as I don't get eaten by a hamster.


  24. Sometimes, the smallest prompts bring out the funniest stuff. :-) Thanks for the smile today.

  25. Wendy, it's a lovely post! I liked these glimpses and details.

    If you get a chance - no pressure - I'd love five words.


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