Friday, October 9, 2009

One Question Friday

Every Friday I’m going to ask a question. The questions I choose might be ambiguous on purpose. The goal is to have you answer the question according to your beliefs, where you’re at in life or a circumstance that might have recently impacted you. The only thing I ask is that you provide an explanation for why you answered the way you did.

It is my hope to understand you better through this and also to gain a greater understanding of humanity and how people make decisions.


Verbatim or Loose Interpretation?

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  1. Verbatium.

    I like to know concrete where I am going and where others are coming from. The picture of my writing should always be clear and crisp. I like bottom lines.

    Thanks Wendy!

  2. Oh my. You've challenged my heart and mind today,Wendy.

    I must say loose interpretation, because I believe legalism is worse than leniency.

  3. Verbatium, I get in too much trouble by always picking the wrong thought when things are left to me to decide.

  4. Both are necessary at times. Some things are very clear and intended as absolute truth. Then other things are left unclear for us to use our reasoning.

  5. loose interpretation.

    I have trouble remembering anything verbatim, and details aren't my thing. :-)

  6. loose interpretation

    unless you are refinishing your basement and dealing with various contractors who don't take any notes and just nod with glazed over eyes when you tell them what you want....

    then it's verbatim.

    can you tell the week I'm having? hehe

  7. verbatim for SURE! I need to know exactly what's going on. I like to be able to decide for myself how I am going to take something. When you get a paraphrase it's someone elses interpretation of that thing. I want to make my own interpretation! :)

  8. I used to be a total verbatim person, but I've been learning to live life with a lighter touch lately and to allow some loose interpretation at times. Sure makes my hubby happy when I don't pin him on his semantics. :-)

  9. Verbatim. I get confused by undercurrents!

  10. Wendy, I always look forward to your questions on Friday and then I am continually challenged. I want to say verbatim because it's more certain, but then there are always those times when verbatim is just to straightforward, almost harsh. So, I'm going to go with loose translation.

  11. Great question! I'll cheat and pick the third option. Context.

  12. Loose interpretation. I think most people can fill in the gaps on their own.

  13. My favorites so far are

    Jill: Verbatim. I get confused by undercurrents!

    And Rosslyn: I'll cheat and pick the third option. Context.

    Me? I take God's Word and Spirit verbatim, and interpret loosely enough to use broad strokes.

    (Thirty-eight MPH? LOL! Read verbatim, interpret loosely for sure!)

  14. Verbatim for the truth, loose intrepretation for art. ummm... whatever that means...:)

  15. Verbatim, I must take God's word as it is written. It is his promises and the hope he offers that defines everything for me.

  16. At the risk of being the trouble maker in every crowd, I say both BUT:
    For God's word...verbatim, as it must be.
    For most everything else...loose interpretation as hardly anything else stands up under the scrutiny. :)
    Happy Weekend, my friend. Bina
    (PS - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that "Doggon' It" pic! Dog...on..."it". ROTFL...and no, I never actually made a roll on the floor, but I did that JUST for you, Miss Wendy...cuz I love ya and know how much LOL would have killed you!)

  17. I'm going with whatever the dog said verbatim... It! :)
    Seriously, good question Wendy...
    It's like saying "to be or not to be"! Sometimes we are and sometimes we're not... does that make any sense?

  18. Hey, Wendy! It's good to "see" you again!

    Here are your five words. I tried to be random, but hopefully they all apply to you. If not, please feel free to use something else:

    Favorite Holiday

  19. Loose interpretation. As a teacher, I like more freedom with what I teach. Same with writing.

  20. Verbatum, most of the time. I'm a black and white kind of person typically as a type A accountant. But, the more I write, the looser I get, so ask this in another year, and I may have changed my mind.

  21. Verbatim. I think a lot of fine details can be lost in loose interpretation, mixed signals, confusion...and verbatim still allows for personal interpretation and perception, but I think it is more honest and clear.

  22. I love Rosslyn's answer. Context makes the difference in where I stand. On some things, it's verbatim. On other's it's loose interpretation. I'd have to say the majority of the time, I'm to the letter.

  23. Verbatim. As a therapist I've learned loose interpretation always leaves room for damaging inference.
    Great question, Wendy!

  24. Verbatim to avoid miscommunication. Great question!

  25. Loose Interpretation.

    I say this knowing that with God there have to be times we take Him at His word so that disclaimer allowed I really think He must look down and think "How Beautiful" when He sees the many different and lovely ways we reflect Him. After all that's how we were created.

  26. This is a hard one! I guess verbatim but honestly, don't ask me to explain it!


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