Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doing Flips for Keli Gwyn

Keli Gwyn, paging Keli Gwyn…YOU won the color contest.
~~My friend read through the responses and decided Keli to be the winner. She found her response to be compelling and said, “Had I not seen the picture I still would have been able to visualize this girl.” I’ll mention that I loved how Keli described the girl’s eyes as the “color of forget-me-nots” and the “dusting of freckles.”

Terri Tiffany comes in a close second. I couldn’t stop thinking about that marble description all day. Thanks to all who participated!

Congratulations, Keli! I’ll send you new Southern Living Christmas book soon. Please email me your address.

One of my favorite parts about games, watching and playing them, is seeing how excited people get when they win.

And just a tidbit to stay with the color theme of the week, my favorite board game growing up was Trivial Pursuit. We kept a box of questions behind our toilet so I memorized more than my share of answers. I also liked (and here’s where the color aspect is fulfilled in my post) the wheels with their multicolored wedges (my sisters and I used to call them wedgies. It was one of the few times I wanted more wedgies.)

Anyway, way to go Keli. Have fun the next time you witness how a winner reacts. I bet Keli’s doing flips. :D

I’d love to have feedback about this contest. Do you want me to host more in the future or not so much?
*photos by flickr/yeah! I can upload normally again.


  1. Woohooo!! Congrats, Keli!!! That was a fun idea, Wendy!

  2. I like contests, but it's up to you. You're doing the mailing, lol!

    Congrats to Keli and Terri! Woohoo!

  3. Due to being swampped this week, I missed the color contest. Bummer. Looks like a great idea, and if you don't mind hosting them, they can be a fun way for followers to interact with you.

  4. Dang, I never finished putting my thoughts together. Oh well, congrats to Keli!

    And funny (though embarassing) story. When I was young we had the "genus version" of Trivial Persuit. I loved playing with my friends on Sunday nights after church. We'd all gather around at one friend's house -- his mom would make snacks -- and we'd play a round or two. One time I made a comment about how smart we were because we could play the 'genius' edition. They laughed and said, "Oh yeah, your a genius. You don't even know what genus means!" Apparantly, it means 'first'. Oops.

  5. Thanks bunches, Wendy. I had such fun writing my entry and think the contest was a cool idea.

    I'd do back flips if I could, but I was never able to even when I was younger. :) I'm happy dancing to the tunes on your site though.

    I'll zap my addy via email.

  6. Congratulations, Keli! A fun contest for sure, even if I didn't enter.

  7. Congrats to Keli! I never made it back by to enter the contest. Oh well, maybe next time.

  8. Congrats to Keli! Sorry that I didn't play, Wendy! But I just don't have the time for thinking too hard when I'm blogging!! :) And if I can't do something well, then I tend not to do it! Just me, though!

  9. Congratulations, Keli! That was a fun contest, Wendy. I love seeing how creative everyone is :)

  10. Congrats to you Keli!!!

    And yes - do more of these as they are fun!! :)

  11. Way to go Keli! Yes, this was a fun contest and not too hard. :) I liked it! Thanks

  12. Congratulations, Keli!
    Wendy, sorry I didn't participate this time. I am writing so much that a blog contest requiring more writing seems like work to me. Just my wee opinion. It's a great idea, though.

  13. Yeah to Keli.... she's great. Fun contest!:O)

  14. A color contest! LOVE the idea:-) I love contests... (didn't see this one in time to participate) but thought it funny about Jeanette's comment about it being more work. I can SO see that! I think my next contest/give-away... I'll make it slightly less work than I did my current one! I can TOTALLY get how bloggers would think that. I started one this morning on my blog, and as the day went on... as goofy as I thought my contest was... I got to thinking, it WOULD require a few minutes of googling, and not everyone has time to do that even to win something.

    Anyway, just my meandering thoughts for the day!

  15. Kristen, thanks for the feedback. You are always good for that.

    Jessica, you are so right and that does keep increasing doesn't it?

    Tara, I'm kicking around four a year or something. I don't know. I don't really have plans. Because we are in my thoughts at this blog, I very much just go with the flow.

    Tess, great story. I have a confusion about Miami like that. I used to think everyone had an "ami".

    Keli, I know tunes are controversial, but I love music too much to take them off for now. I'll dance with you, since I've never been able to flip either. Congratulations, you earned the win.

    Beth, way to cheer on the winner.

    Eileen, there's always next time.

    And a next time for you, Lazy Writer.

    Jody, I cannot imagine what on earth you are so busy doing? I swear, you agented writers! :D I'm glad you're working hard. Just means I get to read your stuff in print sooner. I take no offense by things like this.

    Cindy, that was the inspiration behind the contest, to see the creative come out to play.

    Bina, I shall. I just don't know when, where and how often, but for you Bina, I shall.

    Karen, that's the beauty of pictures. They conjure up such a luxury of words.

    Jeanette, NO opinion is a wee one. Okay, that was fun to write. And I'm really not made of money to be sending out absurd amounts of valuable resources. :D Thanks for giving your input.

    Diane, I'm just getting to know Keli and I'd have to agree with your remark.

    Keli, again, deserved.

    Krista, I'm quick aren't I. Posted it and then in a flash it was over. I have a weird perspective on that. Thinking through how much time blogging robs from my WIP. On the other hand, sometimes I'm unexpectedly inspired by contests/things I see on thinking...thinking...thinking...Oh, and I love meandering thoughts.

    I'm wiped out. Soccer practice, open house. These are busy days. 2,000 words down today though, so I'm smiling pretty (or if it isn't pretty it sure shows effort.)

    Make sure to come back for tomorrow's One Question Friday. You'll love it.
    Rest in God's LOVE,

  16. I like contests too! I just didn't have time this week to play in yours. Hopefully I could play in your next one (if you have one).


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