Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Color Contest #3

See color contest #1 for details

*Just a note: I've had major difficulties with Blogger today. My posts aren't showing up on blog lists and getting these pictures posted (albeit in three posts!) was painful. I found an alternative way to post them and had to go with different pictures than I originally intended (though I'm pleased with these.)

If for some reason you don't learn about this contest and I get wind of that, I'm willing to hold it open longer.


  1. Blogger can be a pain sometimes, can't it? I'll have to come back to enter the contest. I need to think about it for a bit.

  2. I choose picture number three.

    I can see the eyes of God and the inspiration for Christ blood to be shed in that little boys smile.

  3. I'm on picture #3:

    His beautiful, brown eyes, the color of the mud he'd just been playing in, bore a hole right into my heart.

  4. Wow, that's awesome! Going to look at the others now...

  5. I'm having trouble leaving comments in blogger to today. I've had the picture upload problem before and found it soooooo frustrating.

  6. Wendy!! Very, very interesting blogworks; all of the art has its appeal, but the woman surrounded by and appreciating the bounty of the universe ~ speaks to me. I invite you to my website, for info about my newly published book of poems celebrating the infinite bounty of nature. I like your thoughts; I think you'll like mine! Namaste, Linda


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