Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Man—Part 2

Yesterday I asked if you could write a story about this man. I loved your thoughts and your creativity!

Today you get to read one of the stories I came up with...

Imprisoned for all the wrong reasons, released for all the right ones, Benjamin steps out into the whiteness of day, inhaling slowly. Gravel pops beneath the moving wheelchair. Benjamin’s uncle slumps over, hunchbacked and drooling in his chair, pushing the chair forward inch by inch. The ex-prisoner sees him and then spots another man with his back to him slamming the car door shut, his son. Everything inside Benjamin bursts forth and releases, like a freshly uncorked bottle. There stands his son, a man he hasn’t seen in over twenty years.

Have a wonderful Thursday. Run in the rain!

If you didn't have a go at it yesterday, go for it today! Remember 6 sentences or less.


  1. Great story, very moving to read. I went back to yesterday's post and read the others too. Isn't it amazing how one photograph can inspire our imagination, thoughts, even our own memories, that we then bring to the page. Photos are a great writing prompt.

  2. Ooooo! Very cool! I would never have thought of that. That's what's so cool about writing. We all bring such different things to the table. Different outlooks and perspectives. It'll never get boring, or shoot me if it does.

  3. What a good idea, Wendy. If I had the time I'd love to come up with a little story! Can't find your e-mail to tell you that I received the book you sent me. Thank you, my friend. And have a blessed week! :)

  4. Hey Wendy! Always love your blog. I've been on vacation, but I'm back now with an arsenal of comments for you! :) Here's my stab at this one:

    Could it be? I never imagined I'd see him again - certainly not alive. I remember like it was yesterday, the huge Nazi soldier prying him from my tiny arms. I was only ten. His pale, blue eyes are just the same; though tired, they are still bright.

    "Brother," I say, and I embrace him for the first time in sixty years.

  5. Some people have the best imagination -- great story :D

  6. That was super cool, Wendy! I love your writing!

  7. Great job Wendy!! lots of good detail!

  8. Her beauty took his breath away.

    Her long chesnut hair blew on the windless day with the lilt of her step. The curves of her body made him feel like a lovesick teen. Her eyes were bright with the twinkle of her love for him.

    Fifty years of marriage could not erase the image of her he'd always held.

  9. Not sure how I missed yesterday's post. Glad I caught it today.

  10. Awesome--I love your use of details!

    "Way to go Johnny! Run, boy, run." Gus nudges the man sitting next to him. "That's my grandson, you know. Mark my words, he'll be in the big leagues someday!"

  11. Joanne, I don't think I've tapped into using photos as a writing prompt like this before. I selected photos for my MC's for my novel(s) but I like doing it just for the heck of it too.

    Katie, I would never shoot you. The writing for me never gets boring, but I must confess I do get bored reading some things. Your stories had intrigue though...waiting for print.

    Julie, your welcome, my friend and I loved the way Mary described certain simple things. Enjoy.

    Beth, hey, welcome back! I look forward to your comments. Crazy thing, my sister this morning wanted to come up with a story and she too thought of a Holocaust survival scenerio. I can just hear, "Brother."

    Tess, I would count you in that group!

    Jody, that was encouraging coming from you! It meant a lot. Thank you.

    Terri, you crack me up b/c you are always noticing my obsession w/ detail. :D

    Anne, Yes! A love story. A look of love. Original and moving indeed! I'm glad you caught yesterday's post too. I don't like missing any of your posts--they are inspirational!

    Jill, I just have to say I appreciate how you used the name Gus. That is an A name! Is it crazy I thought about the name for awhile?

    Last night visiting with my sister. Great memories.

    Here's to all of you sleeping well and knowing God LOVES you more than I could even attempt to put in words!
    ~ Wendy

  12. this is sooo neat! what a fun way to prompt the imagination! I love the expression on the old man's face! :)

  13. What a neat idea and I loved your story! I happened here by Living a Blessed Life. It is nice to meet you.

    I will be back.


  14. Excellent use for a great photograph! I've searched out pictures for my storyboards... characters, places, even furniture... but never used any as prompts. However, all my novels have begun from a mental picture. I get a visual of someone doing something and that's the jumping off point for all my "what if" daydreaming. :)

    I just skipped over from Rachelle's blog party. (Wasn't that fun?) I've enjoyed my peek at your blog and will be back again soon to read more.

    Carol Garvin


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