Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who Is This Man?

I have a special assignment for you today. I’m constantly bumping into people who would make excellent characters for a book or a short story. I saw this picture several weeks ago and I couldn’t stop thinking this man belongs in a story.

So today I want you to tell me in six sentences or less—what is his story?

Can’t wait to read your thoughts!

*photo by flickr


  1. Oh my goodness! Way too much fun. I'll have to try and come back later and play. :) Maybe I'll write an actual short story about him... longer than 6 sentences. I haven't writen a short story in awhile.

  2. This man is crying for joy as he watches his Great Great Grandaughter at her kindergarden graduation. He missed most of these things with his own children and even some of these things with his grandchildren. Finally he was able to share in the joy and happiness of life without the worries of how to take care of the family.

  3. He'd been terrified his entire life to step onto one of these rickety wooden tracks, but as his grand daughter had been begging him for weeks he graciously put aside all fears for the big blue eyes that begged for his cooperation. The old man sat holding tightly to the edges of the wooden seat gliding along the roller coaster. The wind pushed and pulled at his face and he screamed. This was precisely as terrifying as he had expected.

  4. He just bumped into his childhood friend who he hadn't seen in 60 years.

    That's a look of pure joy and a little surprise (in my opinion, anyway)...great pic, Wendy :)

  5. This is Dad on a fishing trip. He has just landed the one that got away from everyone else. They will tease him the rest of the day, pretending to be mad that he caught the fish they all wanted, but they are secretly happy for him. They know this may be his last fishing trip with them...

  6. Harold closed his paperback, stuffed it into his shirt pocket, and laughed. "The secretary--of course!" he shouted, startling the pigeons who pecked crumbs at his feet. He levered himself off of the park bench and leaned hard on his cane. Every day it got harder, taking this walk of his, but he refused to give it up.

    As he trudged home, Harold thought about the mystery he'd just finished and wondered whether he'd have time to read another one cover-to-cover before his heart gave out. "I can't stand the idea of dying before I get to the end," he muttered, then chuckled again.

  7. As you are walking down the sidewalk, an old man grabs you by the shoulders suddenly, almost knocking you off your feet.
    "I've got an award for you!" He bellows, with a laugh.
    Who is this strange man who's just acosted you? It must be the messenger I sent to your blog, telling you in his own unique way that I have an award for you at my blog: Swing by when you can to pick it up!

  8. Katie, Kaaaattttiiiieee??? Well, I hope you were able to write a short story about the old guy!

    Doodles, interesting thought. I like the idea of him being worry-free.

    Marybeth, I see it and I like how you mentioned the facial expression.

    Tess, I see the pure joy too. You know how certain photos just stick?

    Jeanette, there was a lot of meaning and heart stuff in your explanation. It got me.

    Luisa, I loved that and I could relate to it too. I love good endings. I liked how you had him so pleased with himself.

    Sandi, I'm coming (if not tonight early tom.) and I'm honored! So glad to be on this writing adventure with you! Your answer cracked me up!

    So much fun with my sister. We went to our old h.s. today...memories!

    ~ Wendy

  9. My brain is MIA, but I love this post--and all the stories that everyone came up with. You're awesome, Wendy. Great choice. I think he's been imprinted on my subcranium now. ;-)


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