Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet The Hostess For All In A Day’s Work


Calling all producers! I am your new hostess for the show, All in a Day’s Work.

I’d be more than happy to try my hand at the following jobs for a day:
Storm Chaser

Bird Watcher
Ice Fisher
Park Ranger
Hot Air Balloon Operator
Horse Doctor (Equine something or other, my mind feels like Pop Rocks…I’m THAT tired)
Stunt Woman (I’m getting a little crazy here…I need some sleep)

You know the show Dirty Jobs? Someone was thinking on that one! How about taking a stay-at-home mom/writer like myself and dropping her right in the crux of some of these roles? I sure know I’d love it and what a show, eh? I'm up for the challenge. Oh, TV producers???

Some quick life updates and then I’ll be back with you on Monday ~
  • I’m being interviewed in a few hours by a local paper about my writing. What an honor! My favorite part of this meeting is that they contacted me!

  • I just spent several meaningful days with my sister. After we dropped her off, my girls got out all the tears so I didn’t have to cry.

  • Please check out Live Beautiful, 5 Minutes for Faith and Exemplify. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing for these sites and I know if you visit you’ll see why.

*storm and balloon photos by flickr


  1. Wow! That must be exciting... I am jumping for joy for you.

  2. I should probably clarify...this is a "fantasy show" I've plucked right from my mind...not an actuality, though once a producer gets wind, I'm tellin' you! :D

  3. I've always wanted to do a Woman vs. Wild type show (a spinoff of Man vs. Wild which I LOVE!) where I'm dropped somewhere foreign and have to fend for myself for two days. I should mention I have no survival skills whatsoever, so it would make for some interesting television! ;) Love your ideas!

  4. You are a nut! This post was incredibly random and fun. Best wishes for the interview. That is AWESOME!! I saw you at the party too... unfortunately I had to leave WAAAY too early because my baby (the paper one, not the real one) was having a very uncooperative day! Bad baby!

  5. Oooo...newspaper interview!! Exciting!! I can't wait to hear all about it. How about adding Renovation Realities to your tv list? That show cracks me up!

  6. Congrats on the interview! How exciting! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  7. Do please share more interview details with us...that is exciting, plus we could learn from it all. And, I'm afraid I am not nearly an adventerous soul as you are. I'm happy sitting under the umbrella with a diet coke, watching others and taking notes.

  8. Wendy; Will you post the interview, at least some of it, please? We all want to read it!

    I have always wanted to go in a hot air balloon ride. If you get that one, count on me tagging along!


    P.S. Hope you got some sleep. Pop rocksie brain is no fun!

  9. Way to go Wendy on the interview!!! Wow--can't wait to read it!!!

  10. Yay, Wendy! Good luck! Keep us posted. :D

  11. Doodles, it was exciting.

    Beth, love that idea. It would make for interesting TV...I'd watch. My husband and I were really getting into that show for awhile--poor guy had to climb that waterfall as sick as he was!

    Katie, still cracking me up...bad baby.

    Jill, never seen it. I like those home shows too though.

    Jody, interview went well. I could have talked books with the lady all night.

    Tess, watching others and taking notes is right up my alley too. Depends on my mood I guess. I'm a plain coke girl...the diet part, not so much.

    Jeanette, I like that idea and might post some of the interview. My husband surprised me with a hot air balloon ride on our honeymoon. It was thrilling going up up up in all but a basket.

    And thank you, that night I slept well.

    Thanks Terri and Danyelle, you both are so dependable and encouraging!


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