Friday, May 22, 2009

Stuck On Ourselves

It's glue. Yes, that would be glue all over my youngest child.

Why then is she smiling you'd like to know. To that I'd respond--doesn't it feel good to be stuck on ourselves sometimes? We puff up with pride, pat ourselves on the back and for a lapse of time easily forget where any good thing in our lives comes from.

This picture speaks volumes to me about when I get stuck on myself. Why? Because I was the one who had to extract all the glue. It took time. It took effort. I had to hold wee one still as I washed off every last bit of coagulated icky sticky thread of glue.

Isn't that just what God does with us when we insist on being prideful? It takes him time. It takes him effort. He has to convince us to be still so he can remove all that we've stuck on ourselves.

I'm just so thankful our God cares enough to lovingly remove the glue we've adhered to us, a God who loves us too much to let us stay stuck on ourselves.

Happy Friday!


  1. What excellent thoughts. Thanks for being so clear with this, it's very helpful.

    And I love that you call her "wee one" - that's one of my favorites, too. :D

  2. Oh, great analogy!! I love it! I tend to need that glue bath more than I'd like! BTW, she's a cutie!! So. . .how did it happen? :) Were you in one of those oblivious moments at the keyboard while she decided to get into the glue? Maybe next time she'll get into the scissors and you can post her new hair-do! :) I've had make-up drawer moments--lipstick. Need I say more?

  3. She's the cutest little thing!! That glue must have been a lot of fun for her!

    And thank you for the message. I struggle with pride. I don't want to feel like a sub-human mess, without any sense of self-worth, but neither do I want to think I'm all that! It's a tough line.

    Have a terrific weekend!

  4. Oh, that's too cute. What a sweetie. And you're so right. Being stuck on ourselves really does go against God's desires for us.

  5. What a precious girl! Thanks for the post, Wendy, it really struck home with me. I appreciate the reminder that God loves us too much to let us stay stuck. The more stuck on ourselves we are, the less we can grow, just the opposite of what God wants! Thanks again. Have a great weekend.

  6. Awww! What a cutie-pie:) I love your post today. Just what I needed. Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. That is an adorable picture! Despite all the work it involved. :) You have such thoughtful analogies!

  8. Janna, I figure I'll only have so long to call her that.

    Jody, a glue bath, nice. :D Yes, I was at the on earth did you guess? :D

    Jill, haven't met a person yet that doesn't struggle with pride (was that a double negative?)

    Eileen, but it is so tempting, isn't it--our nature?

    Cindy, it hits home with me too. :D

    Chelle, I hope your weekend is beautiful too. I think we may buy a grill after ten years of marriage! Soooo excited!

    Katie, thank you about my analogies...sometimes my brain to analogies is like Robin Williams to humor (did it again, didn't I?)

    Happy Weekend to All and to All a Good Night!

    ~ Wendy

  9. Wonderful analogy!! I have never thought of it in quite that way and will remember it. She is soooo cute!!

  10. Beautiful thoughts, thank you! Your daughter is adorable. :D

  11. Love the parallel insights. That one will stick (really bad pun...unintended) with me. = ) Your daughter is precious!

  12. LOVE LOVE this! What a cutie:-)

    I think at times we are ALL stuck on ourselves, it's human nature of sorts. We must war against our pride... aka the glue:-) I actually blogged about this a bit last night... how can we be happy for complements we have...yet not be prideful? Is it bad to want to share those "wins" with others or should we humbly keep them to ourselves? I still haven't completely decided on how I feel about the matter. I think it comes down to balance, and about giving God glory.

    Sooo... maybe we still need to be covered with glue, but just go and give God a big ole hug and stick ourselves to him. LOL (I'm picture your daughter giving you a messy, sticky hug *grin*)

  13. Oh no, I hope the glue came off easily enough! Great parallel though, I think we all get ourselves into similar situations from time to time.

  14. Oh My Goodness how right you are. We do often puff ourselves up with pride and sometimes unintenionally or intentionally people go after others in away of distroying them to make themselves feel better. I love how you pointed out that it takes a long time for God to get through to us and get us clean. I can just imagine how long it took to clean her up.


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