Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tongue Treasures

Today I'm going to provide you with a brief list of words that tantalize my tongue. It might be nice to see these words strung in a row on a laundry line blowing in the breeze or I could just say them often...

The Words:

Alliteration (very fitting, right?)

What words do you enjoy saying for the sheer pleasure of how they make your tongue feel?

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  1. discombobulated - I feel this way a lot too!

  2. Though it means nothing spectacular in the least, I really enjoy saying the word licenses. :)

  3. Publication. It just rolls off my tongue! :)

  4. LOL. I've been pounding my kiddos over the head with a word...consequences.

  5. I adore alliteration! The word and using it!
    I luv words!

  6. Let's see ... I like constellation, too. Relish is another. Jody's answer is cute - I think we'd all like to own that word!

  7. delightful imagery -- strung across a laundry line ;) and great list! My love-list changes all the time, but today my skin prickle's with flexible and quiche and fluid and cherish and ferocious and promiscuous and awkward and sizzle.

    Fun post!

  8. Lackadaisical...I just love it and I am a bit lackadaisical...

    Stopping in from SITS

  9. Lol, chinchilla!! Sorry, I am laughing too hard to think straight. (Ahem, sorry, focus.) I like capitulate. I also like ubiquitous though I don't think I've ever used it in a story before. And plethora, which as the word suggests, I've used it WAY too many times.

  10. Fun idea, Wendy. I like orangatangue and tangerine and slithery....I could do this all day :)

  11. I have to agree with the word publication:) LOL I wouldn't mind hearing it more often!

  12. I love this post! My favorite word to say is the French word for umbrella - Parapluie [para (like parakeet) + ploowee]. So fun!

  13. Jody, I had to laugh at yours. You have a one-track mind right now. Oooooh, I wonder why??? LOL (You deserve to love that word, girl!!)

    Most of the words I like to say I can't spell. Here's one: Onomatopoeia.

  14. Percolate. And the word I can never spell correctly: ottomotopia, or some such. :D

  15. What a fun stop here today! Who's got a better word than Jody's? I like precipitous, cacophony, alpenglow, acquiescence, and evocative.

  16. What lovely imagery to think of words blowing in the breeze on a line. Magnificent and melodrama are my words today!
    Thank you kindly for stopping by!

  17. Katie, I like that word too!

    Janna, my words didn't have any special meaning to me either...unless you think petunia is near and dear to my heart. :D

    Jody, hmmm...wonder why? You are funny!

    Chelle, that's strange God's been pounding me over the head with that same word. :D

    Robin, I'm with you on both counts.

    Joanne, I used relish in an interview once and think I got the job b/c of it.

    Alex, you have a great writer name. Prickles is too much fun!

    Moody, lackadaisical almost sounds like its definition, eh?

    Cindy, thanks for getting me. You chose words my tongue liked as well.

    Tess, what is it about orangatangue and tangerine that remind me of each other? I could find tongue treasures all day too!

    Terri, :D

    Juliet, thank you for teaching US a new word!

    Eileen, why is that the most fun words to say have the weirdest spelling?

    Danyelle, percolate makes me crave coffee and if I have that right now I'll be up all night.

    Anne, what is alpenglow? I'm going to go look it up.

    Thanks for playing with me today everyone!

    Sweet Dreams (later tonight that is)
    ~ Wendy

  18. Lora, magnificent is just that and you are welcome!

  19. Alpenglow? I'll give my own definition. When the sun is at the horizon and the sky is filled with color, the mountains on the opposite horizon reflect the hues of the sky they face. I'm a native of Colorado but currently a Michigan resident. I live for the once common and now rare occasions when I see alpenglow.

  20. Besotted.
    I love the word besotted! :)

  21. Are you kidding me?!? Wendy, you have got to be my long-lost twin. Seriously. I have always loved words and the way they feel to say them. Gotta love "raspberry." Oh, and ask 10 different people to say "poof." You'll be giggling after only 2-3. :-) Thanks for making me smile tonight. Love the cornucopia you serve up here every day! Just never know what you'll write and I adore that! :-) Sweet blessings, Amy

  22. Anne, what a beautiful image!!!

    Jaime, I like how direct you were w/ your answer.

    Amy Jo, your blog is so moving to read. I'll have to try that with poof. Tis true...with my thoughts, you never do know what you'll get. :D

  23. Sorry I came so late to this little party, but I couldn't resist leaving a comment of my own.

    My favorite tongue treasure of all time - onomonopiea.


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