Friday, May 29, 2009

Heroes and Villains

We all have a little bit of hero in us and I happen to believe we also have villainous aspects to us as well. In our last day ~ At the Movies ~ we will explore the topic of heroes and villains.
Your assignment, should you choose to accept it is to select at least one hero you are like and if you select a hero, you are then obligated to also choose one villain (trickier, huh?) No major worries--read my answers below to see how I squirmed out of identifying with a horribly dark character (it’s all in the why.)

When I look in the mirror I see:

The Villains:

~ Cameron Diaz as Kimberly Wallace in My Best Friend’s Wedding. Ever the optimist and primed to confess her devout love, Kimberly is seen as “the enemy” to main character, Julianne Potter played by Julia Roberts. Now how mild of an enemy can you get?

~ “Verbal” Kint played by Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects. I see him in the mirror because like “Verbal” did, I constantly weave and create stories out of everything around me. I could be sitting in a doctor’s office and every person around me becomes suspect to my writing it all down, every sound, every conversation I overhear, every minute thing is vulnerable to my pen.

The Heroes:

I see or hope to see in the mirror (note how I chose more for this one. :D) ~

~ Esther played by Tiffany Dupont in One Night with the King. We all have times of bravery and moments of “for such a time as this.”

~ Joan of Arc played by Mila Jovovich in The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc. Intense movie. She is one powerful force because of God.

~ “O Captain! My Captain!” Why, that would be Robin Williams as John Keating, the mind-stretching, status quo-challenging teacher in Dead Poets Society.

~ Liv Tyler as Arwen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy…come on, what woman wouldn’t want to reflect all that she represented? I love the scene where she has Frodo on her horse and she parts the waters with her mystical elfin language.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Now, that’s a wrap! Thanks for making this week at the movies so entertaining!

Make note: early next week I’ll be passing on what Jaime began by holding a contest to win Mary DeMuth’s Daisy Chain.

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  1. Where's your post on surreal? Would love to read it.

    And...hurray for contests!

  2. Yikes! I don’t watch movies all that often, but will take a stab at this.

    I see both parts of myself in one movie:
    The Beauty and the Beast.

    Yup, I’ve played the part of the beast, (we all know women can be beasts!) yelling and screaming out of the fear of being rejected or hurt. Now I’m more like the prince, changed because of love.

    Sometimes I still fall back on that beastly part of me. Those are the times I refuse to look in the mirror! Haha

    Wendy, you know that everyone who reads this post will be thinking about who they are like ALL day!
    Great prompt.

  3. All right, I am going to say two from the same movie as well. I'm choosing Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

    Elizabeth as the hero, of course, because she's passionate, fun, strong and independent. She's also willing to learn from her mistakes.

    Mr. Darcy as the villain with redeemable characteristics. He's had hurts and betrayals in his past and is not willing to let these things hurt him again. But his character also grows. He's willing to take a chance on love even when the girl isn't so receptive :) He's willing to persevere with the right thing even though it doesn't work so well in the beginning (that's an awesome characteristic!).

    Lol, I think I've written the word "awesome" three times today. I need to get to work on my MS, I'm being a slacker!

    Thanks for the fun week at the movies!

  4. I hope I am becoming more and more like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, bringing out the best in others. At least that's my goal.

    As to the villian, i see that horrible housekeeper in Rebecca whenever i am manipulative and mean. Ouch!

    Thanks for a great week of posts, Wendy!


  5. I have three.
    1. Hero: Tom hanks: Saving private Ryan
    2: Villain: Jesse James (every movie about him)
    3: One who embodies both! : Michael Corleone

  6. I just loved Liv Taylor in Lord of the Rings (Just watched it again with my oldest son!) Wow! Wouldn't I love to have her courage and self-sacrifice as I charge through the difficulties of life!

    Have a great weekend, Wendy!

  7. That's great that you chose Cameron Diaz in Best Friend's Wedding!

  8. OOOh I see a bit of Buttercup in me, from you guessed it, Princess Bride. Love her never ending, never fading love affair that finally comes to fruition. (Jesus makes a great prince)

  9. Oooooo!! Daisy Chain contest! YAY!

    I echo T. Anne and the Princess Buttercup. I LOVE that movie. Such a classic!

  10. *tries very hard to think*

    As a heroine, I'd say Elizabeth Bennett or perhaps Maryanne Dashwood. I try very hard to be like Jane and Elinor, but alas, poor Yorrik, I fall so short.

    As a villain ... ... the guy from Incredibles. Not only do I have poor fashion sense and hair that stands on end, I can be easily crushed and am guilty of monologues. >.<

  11. Tess, I'm looking forward to see who wins. I might have written that post last month...but I was teasing you with it.

    Andrea, I know *I* was thinking about my answers all day. I like how real you were with yours.

    Cindy, Awesome! :D I liked how detailed you were with your answers.

    Jeanette, the other day I wrote a bio for a website I'm going to write devotions for and I wrote a bit about Belle, how I always answer her when my girls ask which princess I'd most like to be.

    Suzanne, and even private ryan needed validation in the end, didn't he? We are all so human.

    Jody, yes--that kind of courage is so admirable!

    Ronnica, I guess I didn't want people to feel like they had to choose some real jerk. She might be difficult to be around at times b/c she was so perky. I know I can be difficult b/c I try to see the best in people and one time we were on a bike trip & everyone around was griping and complaining and I kept feeling like I was just so happy to be alive (I didn't chose that time to announce that, but was feeling it). Had I said it I could have been perceived as potentially annoying. I think that's where my answer came from b/c I've never really been THAT girl, the Kimberly Wallace type w/ it "all" together.

    T. Anne, Buttercup rocks!

    Katie, it is a's to mawiage.

    Excited for the contest next week. Let your brains rest for the weekend because you'll need to put them back on :D next week for the contest.

    ~ Wendy

  12. Danyelle, I loved that little guy from The Incredibles. I loved that movie. Excellent! Now, rest your brain...we've got a contest on Monday (I think Monday).

    Go have a weekend!

  13. I had to think about this one for a long time! The only answer I could come up with is Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. What a winding, fascinating journey I am on, meeting fellow travelers along the way to the same destination. Now if only I could click my ruby slippers and have all our dreams come true!

  14. Oh my. I watch a movie and then forget it. I would have to think about a character awhile. Aren't I boring? I am amazed you thought of so many titles and all!

  15. I watch very few movies, except for Disney and Pixar with the wee ones.

    Sooooo ...

    For a hero, I see a bit of Ariel in me, with her sense of adventure.

    For villains, I'll pick the Wicked Witch of the West. (You should see me when I'm PMS-ing.)


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