Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playing Director—Cut!

Now is your chance. Have you ever imagined a movie would be better if the ending was cut or a scene was added? Certainly you’ve thought a movie would have been more believable if a different actor played the role, but we won’t go there today.

Today it’s our turn to play director. We get to cut scenes, add them and change up some of the most memorable movies (and even not so memorable ones) all to our liking.

Some of my examples:

~ We have a running joke in our family: Seven Years in Tibet. The Brad Pitt movie seemed to drag and drag when my husband and I watched it years ago. So now when anything is taking too long we comment by saying, “It’s like Seven Years in Tibet.” As director, I would have cut some scenes out.

~ I’d make the dinner scene in Notting Hill longer. What a fabulous character-revealing scene!

~ I might tone down Ursula’s treacherous octopus scene in The Little Mermaid, but maybe that was the point. (On that same note, Snow White is just too scary for little kids.)

~ And Citizen Kane. I don’t get it—best movie of all time? Rosebud? I would change…? I don’t know what I’d change…I just didn’t get it.

~ The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Excellent movie, but I must confess the glimpses at the end seemed to go on and on. This too has turned into somewhat of a joke my husband and I share.

~ Godfather – the horse head – too cruel (again though, maybe that was the point).

Ah, that was fun. Now I can leave directing to the professionals.

How about you? Try your hand at directing for awhile. What changes would you make to a movie?

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  1. Wendy:
    Definitely take the horse head scene out of Godfather. Show an ear or something, to leave the rest to our imagination.

    I thought the same about Ursula in Little Mermaid; it was overkill on Disney's part. Just make your point and go on.

    In Christmas with the Kranks, take out the scene where she thinks he wants to fool around, so she fluffs up her boobs. Get real!

  2. Thanks for the comment at my blog - I'm glad God used it. :)

    I agree with The Lord of the Rings - LOVE the movie, but the seemed to tack multiple endings on, one after another!


  3. Man...this whole week of yours is making me realize that my sweetie and I need to get out and watch more movies!!!

  4. Oh thank you for admitting you didn't get Citizen Kane! Sheesh. I've watched it a few times and come away more confused each time.

  5. This is a tough one for me, I'm not that much of a movie buff. All I can really think of is movies I wouldn't touch - their scenes as a whole flow perfectly - Gone With The Wind, You've Got Mail, and one of our faves here, an oldie but goodie, Marty!

  6. Oh boy, my brain hurts from trying to think about this. I totally agree with Notting Hill and The Little Mermaid.

  7. Bourne Identity movies: i would not have changed a THING.

    All sorts of PG-13 would be so easy to cut out a swear word/sunnecessary sexual reference to widen the audience. It's very frustrating as a parent having those sorts of things in movies when they are TOTALLY unnecessary...I mean, leave PULP FICTION and KILL BILL as is...they need the sex, drugs, violence, potty mouths, but so many other movies can w/out those things.

  8. Totally agree about Ursula.

    Castaway...he ends up alone? Really? Ugh.

    Seven - (watched this in high school, don't know that I'd watch it as an adult-can't stomach it) Did Brad Pitt's character really have to become wrath and complete the psychopath's 7 deadly sins?

    Magnolia - completely lost on me, maybe I don't have the finer movie taste buds.

    Top Gun - Goose would NOT die!

  9. Gone With the Wind: Rhett does not leave.

    Anyway, it doesn't matter, because I changed it in my head. I am always SHOCKED when I get to that scene.

    And lest we not FORGET Romeo and Juliette, who should have lived to love another day.

  10. In the vein of the whole Ursula thing, why not end "Enchanted" with the wake-up kiss? It's really disjointed to have more conflict AFTER the resolution, but I guess it fit their purpose of making it more modern (the damsel rescuing the prince).

  11. I agree with all your movies! LOFR III--way too many endings. And most Disney movies are over-the-top frightening for pre-schoolers.

    I analyze every movie I watch!

  12. I don't watch enough movies but recently saw Nights of Rodanth. Maybe I would have had the main character male live!

  13. I'd change every movie that doesn't end with happily ever after. I know--boring, predictable. But I love to finish a movie knowing that beautiful things are truly possible!

  14. I think I would change about every movie my husband watches! Of course when I was threw with them he'd never have the urge to partake again lol!

  15. Definitely King Kong! Ryan (hubby) and I watched it in the theater and we literally started laughing every time King Kong and the lady stared into each other's eyes. It had to be HALF the movie!! It became quite ridiculous to us... sorry if people loved it!

    And recently, we watched an older movie called Wicker Park. Interesting. But they dragged it out waaaaay too much. We fast forwarded the end just ot make sure they end up together.

    I've been loving these posts Wendy! Way too fun!

  16. These are some great posts! I have to admit, I only watch movies if I have the promise of a new book or that the husband will clean the toilets. :$ I am a bibliophile at heart--but good comparison to what we're doing when we write!

  17. So with you on the whole Rosebud thing. How can anyone say that's the best movie ever made?

    And I'll agree with Castaway, too. I can't believe I wasted three hours of my life on a movie that ended that way.

  18. Jeanette, I feel that about so much of the gore lately...our imaginations do a much better job anyway. Never saw CWTK but am wondering how one fluffs those up. :D

    Amy, I am right in the midst of what you wrote thank you.

    Tess, it's just always been one of our "things".

    Jennifer, it bored me to tears. I understood what they were trying to get at...but I never got there.

    Joanne, never seen Marty. But GWTW is a classic!

    Eileen, there's the romantic in you.

    Cindy, oh no, I didn't mean to make your brain hurt. I'm just plagued with thoughts like this and thought I would infect you all.

    Anita, Bourne series movies--excellent! I agree w/ all the unnecessary stuff. I cringe knowing my girls will be teenagers someday.

    Beth, I felt that about Castaway...but I don't think he ends up alone...remember the wing girl? I think the implication was that went somewhere.

    Seven is a messed up of those I wish I could remove from my memory (for reasons you mentioned).

    Never saw Magnolia and I'm with you about Goose (didn't need to crash and burn in real life, but that launched Mr. Cruise into decision-making mode). Great thoughts!

    Suzanne, I love how b/c you've edited in your head you see it as such. Nice! I thought about R&J too but thought their story was profound as is (perhaps depressing...but deep).

    Ronnica, you are making me want to see Enchanted.

    Jill, it is fun to think of you analyzing movies! :D

    Terri, haven't seen it but now I now what happens to the main character. :D

    Jody, that's why we love you. I'm more of the a glimmer of hope in stark reality type.

    T. Anne, I call those shoot 'em up, kill ' that what you're talking about?

    Katie, thanks for the kind words and I can just see King Kong being a fun joke between the two of you! :D

    Danyelle, your husband clean toilets...Nice!

    You thrill me! You keep me laughing! Tomorrow I'll close out movie week! Lights out for tonight.
    ~ Wendy

  19. Oh hello Billy,
    Rosebud...blah! Yah...we all agree!

    Maybe I'm weird (oh, right, we've already established that...but I kind of liked Castaway).

    Night all! I'm signing off for sure now.


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