Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ticking Strong

Photobucket (this is not Grandma J)

My neighbor's heart has a resounding tick that is pronounced every time she acts in kindness. I'm guessing she's in her late 70's and aside from my mom, she is the exact kind of woman I aspire to be. She's a grandma, an avid walker and reader, a supporter of the American Heart Association and one sharp cookie if you ask me.

I've never heard her complain as she shovels her driveway time and time again as we are pummeled by snowstorms. In fact, while I was in corralling the girls one day she even came to shovel my driveway. She complacently shovels outside in the frigid weather for hours at a time.

She's constantly surprising us with freshly picked blueberries or my favorite, her specially made pizzells (they melt in my mouth). She's asked my girls to call her Grandma J and since I am horrible with names and she's labeled herself something simple, I've taken to calling her that as well.

Grandma J fills a wonderful role in my life. We don't live near family and all of my grandparents are deceased. I love catching sight of her a mile from our homes, carrying bags of groceries or out for what you can tell is a heart-pumping walk. Seeing her brings me immediate comfort.

She's quick to compliment my sweater, play with my girls, write a thank you in response to my thank you note or to encourage me to relax and enjoy these years when my children are young.

Grandma J is one of the strongest women I know. This strength rises from within her, something steady and inborn like the presence of a heartbeat.

Thankful for those who use their ticker.

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