Wednesday, March 4, 2009



We lived in Seattle for two years just after we were married.
Here are some memories of the land and experience:

Surrounded by mountains, feeling small as the head of a pin.
Authentic ethnic restaurants reminding the way the world wraps around.
Fish market commotion rattling out life, from the vibrant bundles of sunflowers and lilies
to fish flying between hands.
I felt alive in Seattle, like the life that hits the foot as it slaps seersucking to wet beach sand.
520 bridge stretched out before me like a tunneled nature scope.
All about water, evergreens, mountains with ice cream tops of snow.
Microsoft best practices, spoiled with gourmet lunches “on campus.”
True team attitude as the world was being reformatted one technological link and click at a time.
Rain drizzle a constant, a steady, something to trust. As natural on the cheek as a brush of blush. Something to respect or accept because July into August only sun.
Hiking Mt. Rainier amidst slopes of snow in t-shirt, warm blood coursing within,
breath quickened by sight and height.
Tulip Festival, a spray of bulbous floral plants. A sea of tulips each one identical to the one beside it at a distance. At closer glance, each one from its own seed, with its own splendid hue.
Just a glimpse, a sip, a simple stroke of what was there then at that time.
Of what I saw, felt and lived. I don’t miss what flickers easily in memory.
Sometimes though I miss the way Seattle rain felt in my hair, upon my cheek.

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  1. Finally, I have the chance to come here and share some thoughts! First, I am lovin' the creative thoughts and layout of your page! Hmmm..Seattle..I've never been there, but your poem gives me a taste of what it must be like. I could almost feel the light, cool humid touch of the air on my cheeks but yet the slight frizzing of my hair because of it!!!


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