Monday, February 27, 2017

Going Green

You’ve probably heard moving is stressful. Maybe you’ve even been through it and can distinctly recall the agony you felt waiting to hear on a contract or the exhaustion that overtook you after making beds and vacuuming for showings.

We’ve moved around a bit, so going into it this time I knew I had to do some things that would make the entire process less painful. Less stressful. For me that meant having a project.

So I went green.

I got my interior designer game on and studied HGTV (and Pinterest) like it was nobody’s business. Except I made it entirely my business. I went all Edward Scissorhands on an old fake Christmas tree we planned to throw out. I created wreaths. I cut the underside of a boxwood bush in our yard, and painted a terra cotta pot white. I grew to love Granny Smith. By the time of the first showing, there were deliberate splashes of green all over my house.

Why green?

It tends to get a bit gloomy where I live this time of year. I beg for the leaves to reappear on the trees come mid-April.

Shades of green speak life. Renewal. Clean.

 All the things I want a future buyer to feel.

The good news is we’re coming into the final stages of this wacky transition period and I haven’t completely lost my marbles.
Completely. ;-)


  1. Thanks for this! We are moving AGAIN and we are moving TWICE in a short period of time! Hopefully I will remain sane...

  2. When we moved out of our mobile home into our house, I had so much "stuff" for a family of three in a mobile home, I voiced the thought that I never wanted to move again. Guess what, God was listening. I still have a lot of "stuff" and now it's just two of us. When the time comes that we decide to move again, I shudder to think what I will have to part with.

    1. That purging process was therapeutic. It was nice to get rid of a lot of extras. Helped me to realize what I really value.


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