Monday, January 16, 2017

More to Learn

I was hanging out with two of my girls the other night trying to figure out what to watch when, after a few lousy starts on Netflix, we all agreed upon Planet Earth. And I’m so glad we did. I’ve seen glimpses of the show before, but not from start to finish and I have to tell you…it’s magnificent. The creative camera angles. The descriptive narrator. Stories unfolding all around us. And we’re mainly unaware.

That’s the part that really got to me—how much exists that we’re generally oblivious to. It struck me that this is true in every category of life. If we adopt this perspective with relationships, to learning as a whole, if we embrace a humble, open-minded approach, then we might be surprised by our findings.

Watching a single episode of Planet Earth stretched the way I think about the term expert. Our planet has been graced with some wonderfully intelligent people, folks who fought for change (nod to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), and individuals who’ve come up with ingenious cures and inventions.

But I’m encouraged to know there is so much more out there to be done. So much more to learn—to fight for. This reality could easily feel daunting, discouraging, or even frightening. (Have you seen some of the creatures that inhabit the bottom of our oceans?) I choose to think of it as exciting. Because I understand I’m a part of this discovery process.

And so are you.


  1. Even without watching the episode on Netflix, I know there's much to be seen, explored, discovered about planet earth. As for 'fighting for change', I'm not enthusiastic about people 'playing God'. God has created the planet in a logical way, and we shouldn't violate or change that logic. Sadly, that's what we've been doing all the time, and the world is in a very bad shape.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I'm thinking you might not have caught on to what I meant about fighting for change. I get the feeling we could have an interesting conversation. I once heard (I forget the source) that whatever stirs you up, gets you fired up and angry--that is the thing you are to be fighting for, advocating for, it's one of the reasons you're on this planet. To create positive change.

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