Monday, December 21, 2015

Heart Ponderings & Why I Refuse to Let Dog Vomit Win

I woke up to dog puke this morning. And then I broke a few things by accident. Which led me to
think I’m pretty much guaranteed to have one sucky day.

That was until I remembered the time of year. And all that’s happened in my life over the past year. And you.

I ordered the cranky voice quiet and took a few moments to reflect on all I have to be thankful for.

Things like…
Kids that still open their arms to hug me, a roaring fire in the fireplace yesterday, a husband who brought up my books to the company we hosted this weekend, my books—that I’ve worked hard and and people are actually buying and reading them, my health (even though I’m really curious about a few new bumps and red dots on my skin), that I have a God who teaches me how to forgive and love deeply, candles, warm blankets, that I even have a dog (wild and crazy as she is), the walk I took with my husband last night, family I love to talk to on the phone, a memorable church message, a motley crew of diverse and fortifying friendships, the will in me to grow and learn, an indestructible fight inside of me. The glory of this season. Every day I get to be here on earth. . .
published four books

And I ponder in my heart, much like Mary did that majestic evening she held her newborn in her arms, when life feels most overwhelming and kissed by a spiritual otherness that’s difficult to conceptualize, it’s best to embrace all of the gifts of truth we’ve been given. To cling fast to life, and light, and everything that imbues us with hope.

Because hope is living and real. 
{And it’s far more appealing than dog vomit.}

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


  1. "Because hope is living and real." It is so important to embrace this truth in the midst of our daily trials. Thanks for the reminder to of that truth, Wendy.

    1. Most welcome. It fuels me minute by minute. Second by second. Glad you came by today, Lynn!

  2. Hi Wendy - Your post reminds me of the Thanksgiving game a friend and I often played. When my day goes awry, I ask, "Am I going to allow this to situation to order my day or the Lord?" Merry Christmas, Susan :)

    1. Great thoughts, Susan! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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