Monday, September 14, 2015

I have a teenager. . .

And for most moms of teenagers, I can pretty much just stop there. Because you know. You get it. I have to seize my moments, making the most of the golden hours when she actually doesn’t seem to mind being around me.

Most of the time I get one or more of any of the following: the infamous eye roll, the talk to the texting hand, the not now groan, the “what?” (Which needs no further explanation because all moms of teenagers heard exactly the pitch I’m referring to while reading that), or nothing at all because she’s been squirreled away up in her room all day.

All normal. All natural.

But that’s what makes what I’m about to share so special.

We had one of those irresistible breakthrough days yesterday.

We slipped into one of my favorite zones—the carefree, cut loose, bond-like-we’ve-never-bonded-before zone.

We went shopping. And the point wasn’t to rack up a whopping credit card bill. Nope. We did find a few things, but we had the most fun acting as ludicrous personal shoppers for one another. We had one rule. The other person must try on everything selected for them. (Images burned into my brain: me in the gold dress and my daughter donning the palm tree sweater.)

My daughter picked out these pants for me to squeeze into.

As a joke, I had her try on this frumpy frump.

*she gave me permission to post this pic

Because I’m a rock star.

And we laughed until I nearly split those shiny blue pants.

I savored every single second.

Because I remember when she looked like this…

And I remember when I felt like this…

And moments like what I just described are exactly what I’ll be thinking about the next time she stomps up the stairs telling me I don’t understand anything. 


  1. Aw, what a sweet post!! You must be such a fun mom =)

  2. I have two teenagers and an eighteen month old toddler. You are right -- you really need to find something in common with all your children, something you enjoy and they enjoy, that you can bind to.

    I take my son on more campouts, now. We went before, but we are making a better habit of it. We are using hammocks, now, and it's the best camping I've done. He said to me on the last campout: Dad, we need to hurry up.

    I said, Why?

    Because we're running out of time. I'm busy with drumming and band, and I'm working really hard for a scholarship. Then it'll be college, my family, and I won't have time for this anymore. So we have to hurry up and get it done.

    He's right. Time is slipping fast, now. More bike rides, more trips, more hikes and camps and whatever else you can find in common. More shopping and dinner dates. Whatever it takes.

    Because one day it'll be over. One day sooner than we think.

    - Eric

    1. I like that, Eric...whatever it takes. Searching out that connection. It matters to me & sounds like it does to you w/ your kids, too.

  3. Ahhh yes, those teen years are difficult to process. But, with God's help we manage to conquer the situation.

    1. I've found I laugh a lot. It's a great way to stay (somewhat) sane. ;-)


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