Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creative Ideas for Hosting a Disappearing Key Book Club

One of the most common reactions I’ve received from people who’ve read The Disappearing Key is that they are eager to talk about it. I seriously wish I could sit in on every single book club scheduled to discuss my book.

Did you know, over the course of the next year I’ve challenged myself with a goal to have at least one book club from every state read my novella?

Today, I’d thought it’d be fun to present you with some ideas if you’re the one hosting The Disappearing Key discussion.
(Inspired by details found in the novella.)

Serve key lime pie
Prosseco toast to good friends and great discussions
Locate an Italian bakery & purchase, then serve cannolis (Gabrielle’s favorite)
Buy Trader Joe’s Spanakopita, heat, and serve
Cook the classic English dish of fish & chips
Bake key cookies. Feel free to take a bite out of one. Hey, they’re supposed to be disappearing, aren’t they? ;-)

Here are two ideas from Pinterest:

Decorations & Ambiance
Have Edelweiss or potted Sweet Williams “Wee Willies” as Viola calls them on the table
Set colorful place settings in honor of Oriana’s synesthesia
Use key decorated place markers or wine charms
Place a Bavarian “looking” music box as coffee table centerpiece
Program Michel Bublé or Jack Johnson on Pandora

Offer “key”psakes
Hand out bookmarks with a key stamped on them
Give any of the aforementioned cookies away
Buy & pass out extra copies of The Disappearing Key for members to use as stocking stuffers for family or friends (or hostess gifts)

Points of Interest
Talk about the movie Return to Zero 
If you’re hosting a mom’s group, encourage guests to bring ultrasound photos & create a game where everyone tries to match mom to baby picture
Cut out scrap pictures of what you imagine the characters to look like. Discuss similarities and differences
Talk about what it might feel like to have synesthesia.
Go through Book Club Questions located in the back of the print version of The Disappearing Key and the end of the ebook version of TDK.
Feel free to contact the author. I have a gut feeling she’d love to be in on your book club action.

Now for a chance to win a set of “key” imprinted cards, you tell me a creative book club idea related to keys or details of The Disappearing Key plot that would enhance a book club experience. Most creative answer gets the key cards! I’ll announce winner next Tuesday.

New England: 7
Florida: 2
Pennsylvania: 1
Iowa: 1
*If you know of a book club that is planning to read The Disappearing Key, please ask them to notify me so I can include them in my Key Book Club from Coast to Coast Contest. Thanks!

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