Tuesday, September 17, 2013

6 Things the Writer in Me Wants to Tell the Mother in Me...

6 Things the Writer in Me Wants to Tell the Mother in Me
There are times when finding the right word usurps having the last word.
Pay attention. You’ll blink and they’ll be out of the house. Small moments count.
There’s always a story. Moods, distance, erratic behavior. . .always a story.
The best investment you can make is to pour into character(s).
Growth as a parent equates to that of countless edits. Take the time needed to make necessary changes.
You can read about how to excel at your job until your eyes dry out, but the best way to learn is to practice.

6 Things the Mother in Me Wants to Tell the Writer in Me
Relationships are the pulse of a good story.
Your children have a tendency to surprise you. Characters shouldn’t be too predictable.
Like babies, solid ideas take time to incubate.
You’ll poke your eye out if you write to impress or seek validation from others.
Adjust your expectations. Your baby will poop at the most inopportune times.
Nothing compares to knowing you’ve invested your time in something meaningful. No matter if you’re bombarded with advice, cut to shreds regarding your style, and/or judged ruthlessly or relentlessly. Devotion to craft will reveal itself in time.

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  1. Oh, these are great, Wendy! Especially the one about adjusting expectations and poop.

    On my way to your novella guest post...

    1. So cool you stopped by both places, Jeanette!

      Yes, I have to get my potty humor every now & again. ;-)

  2. Hi Wendy, besides the poop business :) I enjoy small moments. They sure add up to a whole lot of moments that make a story wonderful!
    Ellie K.

    1. It's been an unbelievable story here as well. Taking many notes.


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