Wednesday, January 30, 2013

8 Ways to Evict Negativity Before It Evicts You

Every year we have critters die behind our walls. Likely, it’s mice that are dearly departing, but a few years ago I swear a moose had gone to the great beyond behind our bookshelf. This is morbid and this is disgusting. I understand, but it helps me make a point.

We all have putrid thoughts we allow to fester and run rampant in our brains for far too long.
Sometimes they die off on their own. And sometimes they don’t.

Time to give you eight eviction methods that have worked best for me…

Don’t Ignore the Smell
Something is rotting in there. You know it, visitors to your home know it. How does the saying go, the definition of insanity is smelling dead mice over and over again expecting the smell to go away on its own? 

Yeah, I know, not how the saying goes. But it should be.

Be realistic when your thoughts are causing stinky behavior.

Neuter the Baby Mice Makers
Mice love to breed. So do certain thoughts (especially if they know you’ll entertain them). The second a scratch of discouragement carves against your conscience, something along the lines of ‘You don’t matter’ or ‘You’re a failure and no one cares about you’—scythe it where it hurts. Show no mercy. Don’t let more in its likeness scatter freely, thinking they own the place.

Go to the Source
Oftentimes, after we’ve been upfront with ourselves about the negativity we’ve given voice to, we do something strange. We walk around tapping and sniffing in other areas of the house, suspicious and distrustful that every room, every wall has been overrun. This is a waste of time. After some honest reflection, we assess the troubled area. Now time to get down and dirty and kick out the mouse crap.

Set it Free
Acknowledge the critters for the infinitesimal power they bestow. When they lose their power, it’s easier to send them packing.

Nothing but a Mind Trap
Set traps. Yep, a bit weird. But it works. Whether it’s scripture or positive affirmations that are sure to snap shut on the scavenging scoundrels, acquire resources to resort to when the horde, mischief, or nest (all words for groups of mice) comes scampering.

Notes of encouragement you’ve saved, uplifting verses, connecting with a trustworthy friend, journal writings where you’re reminded of God’s faithfulness = great resources

Don’t Turn a Mouse into a Moose
I’m your example for this. Go back and read the second sentence of this post for proof. I imagine and worry mice into moose all the time. When I do that it makes it harder to convince myself to evict them. Too cumbersome. Too many horns. Too heavy. If I crack open the wall though, I’m sure to find a teeny weenie Stuart Little peeping up at me. Fear can debilitate us. So can robust imaginations. Don’t imagine your negative thought from a mouse to a moose.

Study Architect Plans
Mice are desperate creatures. They move in so they won’t freeze to death and because you have what they need—food. But your head, your life was intended to be mouse-free. Refresh your memory from time to time why you’re here (to glorify God and answer His call for your life). See if mice make any sense in the structure He crafted. Be ruthless if a thought is causing the structure to be compromised.

Hardest one because cold critters come back. They’ve lived there before, they’ll find their way again.

But it can be done. You have to call on supernatural strength for this one. I know because I have. I used to be tortured by insecurities about my weight and numbers on the scale. Through prayer and God’s unending grace these insecurities were exterminated years ago. I’ve blocked all entrances for the mice to repopulate. So long suckers!

I jest. I play. But disparaging thoughts can be brutal. I speak from experience. The methods above have worked for me. I hope they’ll work for you.

Do you have any other suggestions how to evict menacing thoughts?

*Disclaimer: No live mouse was hurt during the making of this post
**photo by stock.XCHNG
***Now might be a funny time to mention I’m reading Stuart Little with one of my daughters. ;-)


  1. While the thought of mice freak me out, this was such a great post! When I get negative thoughts going, I try to think on things that are positive. Like the verse in the Bible that says think on things that are true, good, lovely...definitely have to replace the mouse droppings for something else. But it's hard sometimes. :)

  2. I battle those thoughts with scripture. If it's a particularly large nest of rats behind that wall, I write out on index cards specific verses relating to God's truth about my issue and carry them around with me. Then I can whip them out like an exterminator's jug and spray death to those thoughts. Great post. I always need reminding on this subject.

    1. Learning to do this more lately--understanding the value in it and how it changes me. Have loved your posts lately related to this.

  3. Such wise words, my friend. Nobody wants to smell like dead mice. :)

    1. Yeah, not thinking we'll see a new Minnie Mouse fragrance in the front of any Macy stores in the near future. ';-)

  4. I'm guilty of making a moose out of a mouse all the time. It's too easy to do when my insecurities are so loud and menacing. But you're right, they need to be shushed and kicked out for good! Great stuff, as always, Wendy! :)

    1. I know, it's funny, for as confident of a person as I am I'm also wildly insecure at times. Fun dichotomy. Makes for good times! :D

  5. Sometimes someone 'pushes my buttons.' And I react. I thank you for the message here. Some of these pointers might help me.

    1. I have a tendency to be reactive as well. Part of having a passionate spirit I say. ;-) At least that's what we'll say to each other today. Sound good?

  6. Putrid thoughts stink! And they rob us of precious time and energy! Thanks for this!


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