Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Season of Splinter Removal

This past summer was a splintery season. Not even sure where to start, but skidding the surface there’s the neighbor serving a hefty prison sentence, unexpected blows from within our church, tension with family members, and grappling with loved ones facing physical and mental struggles.
Not to mention I haven’t felt this spiritually beat up since a time of great loss in my life seven years ago.

If you’ve been coming around here for a while you know I’m not one to let splinters remain stuck.

I’ve officially entered a season of splinter removal. And the pain on the way out mimics the piercing on the way in.

Here’s what I’m doing about it (8 Things I’m Working to Improve in My Life Right Now + a bonus lesson):
Putting Down the Gavel

Not judging someone based on flubbed words. Searching for a Timberjack Harvester to help me extract the ginormous log from my own eyes.

Full Forgiveness
None of this half-assed all smiles and rainbows stuff. Forgiving like this is torrential hailstorm smack me in the face painful.
Full Love
Loving family right where they’re at. Loving everyone right where they’re at.

Saying what I mean and meaning what I say.

Dukes Up
Fighting spiritual distractions. Taking up my sword of the Spirit and holding firm to my shield of faith (oh yeah, I’m all over Ephesians 6:11-20 lately).

Leaving Bitterness to Citrus Peels & Dark Chocolate
Identifying areas of hurt and dealing with them, not letting them fester and mold into bitterness.

Care Less
It threw me when I kept getting this message from God. Finally I understood the meaning. Let go of things that aren’t eternal or encouraging. Care less about the petty, the cutting, the discouraging, things that will seem insignificant a year or two from now.

In God I Trust
It feels like I’m the eternal unfinished novel with this one.

I Like to Move It, Move It
Moving on when time calls for it. Not dwelling, stewing, or reflecting like that Narcissus dude that got zapped into a flower.

Not a single pain-free process of splinter removal up there. But some of it has sloughed off surprisingly quickly, like that splinter you cringed to think of being yanked from the pad of your foot only to squeeze your eyes shut and open them to see it pinched between your father’s fingers. He took it. All of it up there (up there in this post and up there on the cross). By his death he removed every last splinter and every splinter that has yet to pierce.
Such freedom in that. I can run free.

Ever been through a specific season of splinter removal?
*photo by stock.XCHNG
**I'm also relearning math as apparently there are NINE things listed up there. Eh well.






  1. You make me laugh with the math comment. I can relate.

    Oh those splinter removal seasons. Yep. I've also been through landed in a cactus removal stages as well.

    Excellent strategies to healthy living, friend.

  2. I'm in the same season of splinter removing. God is speaking many of the same things to me. Especially that I can't control ANYTHING, so I should just trust Him instead of trying to do His job for Him.

    My job, to seek Him and pray,
    His job, to answer those prayers.

    Surprisingly, I've come to find out, He's God- not me!

  3. A good word this morning, Wendy! Removing splinters isn't always easy, but it is much easier when we recognize they are there and they need to be gone! That, to me, is the amazing work of God, that we can not only realize our need of HIm but choose to fall on His grace and goodness instead of holding hurt to ourselves. Still, not always easy. But always good. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  4. Learning to love everyone right where they're at is one of the most fulfilling goals. The effects of doing so trickle over into forgiveness, and it also helps me to not judge. Once I finally understood and embraced: "there by the grace of God go I," my whole perspective on faith was transformed for the better!

    Excellent points, Wendy.

  5. Yeah for splinter removal! Those are some fabulous tips and ones I need to take to hear myself!!!!

    Love ya, friend!!!!

  6. Love, love, love this, Wendy-girl. Between your post and Ms. Krista Phillips, I'm feeling very inspired today.

  7. Ah, yes. It can be painful and freeing all at the same time. Praying that you're headed for a time of peace and rejuvenation.

  8. Splinter removal - painful but so important. I love your list - especially the one about caring less. Sometimes we have to let things (and people) go. I've found this to be one of the best ways to remove splinters from my life. Ouch.

  9. Good and powerful stuff here! The point about caring less--I've been trying to actually employ that at my day job. I love the ministry where I work, but it's so easy to get all up in arms about the little details of the job...things I honestly shouldn't let bug me so. Yeah, definitely splinters to remove...

  10. Such a great post. I feel like I'm constantly in splinter removal mode. I especially liked this. Let go of things that aren’t eternal or encouraging. That is such a great reminder for me. thanks.

  11. Beautiful Wendy. Thank you for sharing your way through the pain, reminding us of the relief on the other side...

  12. Always love the honesty in your posts.

    I've been struggling lately with some things, things my husband and I haven't agreed on, but are working through. Things that have seemed like huge deals to me and maybe they are...but my reaction to them should be more faith filled and less worry filled.

    And I love your idea about loving people where they're at. So important and something I so easily forget.

  13. Your cleverness and unique way of looking at the world never cease to amaze me, Wendy. I. Heart. You!

    I do my best to welcome the Lord's help as He wields His tweezers in my life and not cry out in pain too much when He gets to work on my many splinters.

  14. You are so wise. You could compile your lists of 8s into a devotional series of books.

  15. Forgiveness: Like removing splinters, it can hurt worse than the familiar pain of resentment and anger. Ugh.

    Praying - love this,

  16. Praying for you now. Though I'll confess I'm in a season where I'm tired of praying. Tired of waiting for prayers to be answered. Tired of hoping for the best. But I can still pray for others, if I've given up on praying for myself!

  17. Sometimes it seems that this is all year round for me, but it isn't really. Thank you for breaking this down; it really does help gain a better perspective.


  18. I can relate to these 'splinters'. I've had most of the same ones or similar ones. Thank you for the 'removers.' We have to go through these issues from time to time in order to grow closer to Christ.

  19. Oh man, it sounds like you've been going through a lot, sweet Wendy. I like your "care less" point. That's exactly right -- if you have big stuff dragging you down, the last thing you need are those little burrs that are like the proverbial straw on the camel's back. I'll be praying for you as you extract all those splinters. xoxo


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