Friday, September 7, 2012

Moving Thoughts Friday—What Do Women Want?

I’m building a series of posts and I need your help.

Your responses today will help determine the framework for my posts over the next five Mondays.

Rank in order (with strongest one listed first…1-5):

What do women want?

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  1. 1 - Acceptance of who we are
    2 - Love (unconditional)
    3 - Encouragement
    4 - Friendships (which kind of goes along with #3 :))
    5 - Chocolate...of course :)

  2. husband/family, friendships, respect, encouragement, and cute shoes. :-)

  3. 1-Love
    2-A good laugh
    3-A sense of purpose
    5-A glass of red

  4. 1. To feel safe, 2. To be loved unconditionally, 3. To be cherished, 4. To have intimate friendships 5, I'm with Jennifer, cute shoes and tips how to wear them without getting blisters and aches! ;)

  5. 1. Someone who knows us...the real us...deep relationships that abide
    2. To be cherished
    3. To contribute something significant to this world
    4. To be protected
    5. To have a life full of fun and laughter

  6. OK: I am not looking at anyone else's answers before I list mine:
    1. significance
    2. security
    3. romance
    4. purpose
    5. forgiveness

  7. So happy to have "stumbled" on this blog today! It's the very question I have been wrestling with over the past few days, as I am thinking through this myself as I write about Jesus' encounters with women. My take on this:
    1. significance
    2. unconditional love
    3. appreciation
    4. sense of purpose/meaning in life
    5. intimacy with God (may not be recognized as such, but the hole is there without him)

  8. That's a big question!
    And sometimes dependant on where we are in our time of life. But the constant ones I see are:
    1. Deep, loving relationships
    2. Meaningful work/purpose
    3. Security
    4. Balance of family/friends/work/spiritual life/home
    5. An assistant to help us balance it all. :)

  9. Ooh, good question!
    1) Purpose/Significance
    2) Love/Intimacy
    3) Security
    4) Clothes...hehe!
    5) Hope
    Okay, fine, maybe those are more "what this woman wants," but I would guess there's some universality there...especially seeing how some of the same things are on other peoples' lists. :)

  10. 1) Relationship with God
    2) Purpose
    3) Love
    4) Family
    5) Security

  11. 1) A chef
    2) A housekeeper
    3) A chauffeur
    4) A gardner
    5) An in-house stylist

    OK, that was the fun list. Now to get serious.

    1) A close relationship with the Lord
    2) A special someone who loves us deeply
    3) A family we love being part of
    4) A feeling of belonging
    3) A healthy body

  12. You have the BEST questions in the universe. And the prettiest eyes. But I digress.

    1. Unconditional love from God
    2. Forgiveness of sins
    3. Non-sexual affection
    4. A sense of value apart from their work or roles
    5. Healthy relationships with family and friends

    Thanks for asking!

  13. Great post, Wendy!

    1. Finding the balance in life.
    2. Forgiveness of sins.
    3. Good friendships in person and in the Blogosphere.
    4. Purpose (eg. writing) in life.
    5. Discovery of new things in life.

    I'm looking forward to your Moving Thoughts Fridays. When I began reading your blog, I didn't catch them in time but now it's time to! :)

  14. Security


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