Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You 8 Wednesday

Normally I 8 Wednesdays (how’s that for whacked out grammar?) but today it’s your turn.

In 8 words I want you to tell me why you’re here (as in here on earth not here at my blog).

Sentence or no sentence, I’m not picky.


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  1. Okay, cracking me up. I love your answers...but I was thinking exactly 8 words...otherwise you're not quite 8ing Wed.
    ~ Wendy

  2. I'm here to share life through my words.

  3. Rob, Susan, Paul, Scott, Mark, Danika, Katherine, Bethany

    (me & my family)<3

  4. Ummmmmm??? This is too hard for me. lol I don't KNOW why I'm here but I can give you 8 reasons I'm glad I'm here. :-)
    1. My kids. I love them and they love me and I find it hard to believe anyone else could love them the same way I do (I know that's not true, but it's hard to believe, LOL)
    2. Chocolate is fun to eat.
    3. Love, like the God-kind. It's goose-bumpy sometimes, in a good way.
    4. Sitting in the sun. It's peaceful.
    5. Books/Imagination. That's when I'm here, but not really here, and yet I'm glad to be here so I can not really be here. *grin*
    6. Life Just breathing and being. There's something sweet and valuable about it.
    7. Family/Friends/Laughter They seem to go together a lot. :-)
    8. Service Helping others. I think that's part of showing God's love

    I didn't put Jesus because I don't need to be HERE to be with Him. So He's a given. :-)

  5. This is a GR8 idea! love it! (um that's not my 8 words by the way lol)

    Serve, love, nurture, cherish, encourage, teach, learn, family.

  6. To live, to love, to laugh, to learn. :)

  7. minister, love, entertain, write, snuggle, learn, laugh, inspire

    Love you!

  8. To shine for Christ!

    Wait, that was only four words. Is that allowed?

  9. Just write it twice & you're good, Melissa ;)

  10. I'm hear to: love, learn, light, listen, give, trust, hope, and have faith.

  11. Sorry that would be "here" not "hear" lol

  12. God created me, therefore I am. Onward, ho! :)

  13. To praise, to love, to laugh, to write.

  14. To bring Him glory. :) (YAY, Katie!)

  15. Wendy:
    I am here because He has destined me.

    This only took two tries.

  16. With Christ I: Love. Teach. Write. Protect. Inspire.

  17. Worship Him, love Him heart, mind, soul, strength.

  18. I am here to make my family smile. :)


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