Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Name that Cover

Disclaimer: A fierce love of books can make you do some rather out-of-the-box things. I 8 Wednesday again in a whole new way.

I had my kiddos replicate images from eight popular book covers out there now. And your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to guess as many of them as you can.

For the person who guesses the most I will give (drum roll please)…………………..a new car (no, not really).

But I will give a little something…something special. Or if you’d prefer, I’ll give of my time and critique one chapter from your WIP. If there’s a tie, I’ll have my “model” children randomly select a winner.

Contest closes Thursday by noon, so get your guesses in early. 
I'll reveal the actual covers on Friday.









*This contest is not an endorsement of any of the above books. I haven’t even read most of them. I chose them based on the impression we could replicate them without too much effort. Not bad, eh?
**thanks to kidlets who let me photograph them
***post inspired by the countless plays my oldest sister choreographed when we were kids, in which I almost always had to be the maid. :D


  1. What a fun contest! Unfortunately, I don't have time to play this morning, because that would mean turning my brain on, and I've got to save the juices for a big work project today. :P

    Can't wait to see who wins! Love the creativity. (PS- When do we get to see your vlog?!)

  2. #1 looks sooo familiar to me... like a Jodi Piccoult book perhaps but I can't place it. And I thought #4 was Girl With a Pearl Earring, but I just peaked on amazon and that's not it so I don't know. #8 is Jonathan Safron's book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Other than those three, I don't know any of them. :( I'm feeling a bit under-read this morning. LOL

    Can I just tell you how refreshing it is to see something so creative and playful on a blog post?! What a great idea. It must have been fun getting the kids involved. Thanks for the smile this a.m.

  3. How creative, Wendy! I love this!!

    Of course I'm horrible at this. Is the tiger "The Life of Pi"? And I know one is Girl with the Pearl Earring. Other than that, I'm no good!

  4. Is the one with the ruby slippers, Wizard of Oz? lol That's the only one I can get...or maybe not. Great fun!!

  5. Hahaaa! I don't recognize ONE single one. LOL

    But your kiddos did an awesome job. ;-)

  6. I know I've seen the first one, but I haven't a clue what the title is. I have a hunch when you reveal the real covers I'll have a "Why didn't I think of that?" moment.

    Your "model" children did a great job. =)

  7. #6 is Joshilyn Jackson's new book! I can't think of the title, but I remember the cover.

  8. What a cute idea! I recognize the last one, but can't remember the name. Can't wait for the title reveals.

  9. Oh goodness, I have no idea! The first one looks sort of like Operation Bonnet, lol, but I have a feeling that's not right. Fun idea, Wendy!

  10. I have no idea, on any of them. #ElanaFAIL

  11. Since I don't know ANY of these, I'm going to title them myself:

    #1 Where's My Pencil?

    #2 Goodnight Computer Moon

    #3 The Snows of Winter

    #4 Ask Me To Dance

    #5 The Last Bus to Flatbush

    #6 Tempted

    #7 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Teddy Bear

    #8 My Sister Did It

    (Though it is not at all hard to see where your offspring get those beautiful blue eyes and the smattering of freckles. :)

  12. I have no guesses--although the tiger one is pretty much the cutest thing ever--but just wanted to say what a cute idea!

  13. Oh man, I'm so tempted to give clues...what the heck, one of them (girl w/ suitcase, eh hem) is rockin' it out with Kindle sales right now.

    On Goodreads, I'm reading another (cover is not the same on GR, but I assure you the book is).

    Okay, last one, #3 DOES NOT have the word pearl in it and it IS someone's name.

    I might have just cheated, but it was killing me to see so many of you come up short (cracking me up, Elana & Erica!).

    Best of luck for another not exactly full day.
    ~ Wendy

  14. The one with the suitcase is Into the Free, I think.

    Lots of books with red shoes--um, There's No Place Like Here?

    I'd go with Life of Pi for the tiger one, too.

    A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty for the apple one.

    Some of them look so familiar, and the one with the earring could be anything in Jane Austen era. Oh, well. I'm done

  15. Oh, this is where my dependence on my Kindle gets me in trouble! I don't see as many covers these days! But I looove the idea of this post. Excited to see the real covers... :)

  16. Sorry, I just remembered another one--Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (one with hands). These are just going to keep bugging me.

  17. This is a wonderful idea! I think this exercise could have many applications. I'm always looking for writing lesson and activity ideas, so now you have me thinking...:)

    Sadly I have no guesses except for one - the last one might be Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

  18. 1. I wish I knew!
    2. Stumped!
    3.Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff
    4. My Last Blind Date?? - I'm sure this is wrong though
    5. Into the Free
    6. A grown up kind of pretty
    7. The Tigers Wife
    8. Extremely Loud Incredibly Close

  19. The only one I got was THE GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING (I think). But these are awesome! What a creative bunch you have!!

  20. You are a true die hard my friend. And I love every minute of it! And obviously so do your kids.


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