Friday, March 9, 2012

The Big Cover Reveal









And we have a winner…Congratulations Heidi Leanne! Heidi, please contact me with your information so I can either send you a little something, or if you’d rather, I’d love to offer a one chapter critique. (My contact email is on the sidebar.)

Oh Happy Day, it's Friday people!

Thanks for playing! You realize you encourage me with this type of stuff, don't you? Do you have a favorite book cover?

*If you have no idea what's going on here today, scroll down through Wed.'s post and you'll be brought up to speed. ;)


  1. Congrats to Heidi!

    Wendy, you really had me guessing on these. And it wasn't until this morning when I read what you wrote on your son's hands in the last picture...LOL, clever!

    For some reason, I've always liked The Time Traveler's Wife cover. Do you have a favorite?

  2. Ooo, these covers are gorgeous! I loved your creativity in posting this contest. You always seem to think outside the box. :D Happy Friday to you too!

  3. Okay, hysterical. Found this a good time to clarify I have three daughters. Just had one dress up a little. Yes, she was a good sport to play. ;)

    Hmm...I'll write some of my favorites a little later today.

    Happy Friday ladies!

  4. I got one right! Love that last cover. So cool!

  5. And Barb, too cool that you noticed what I wrote on my daughter's hands. I had fun w/ that.
    ~ Wendy

  6. Congrats to Heidi! I loved that last one, with the words on the fingers. Very clever.

    Have you noticed how few faces they show nowadays? Lots of backs of heads, waists, knees, etc. Perhaps that's why I like the one with the face and fingers. It shows the eyes.

    You have pretty eyes, too.

  7. Oh fun! Sorry I missed this one!

    I just love #4 and and the colors in #6. Great covers!

  8. You know... I *thought* I remembered reading that you only had daughters! :O Oops! Well you sure did a good job with costume & design!

  9. Well done! I have Into the Free. I haven't read any of the others. :)

  10. Said I'd come back to name a few of my favorites...thought I would now before I get too slammed.

    Striking covers: Cutting for Stone, Still Alice, The Violets of March, The Dovekeepers, Secret Daughter, The Help.

    As a dog lover I'm also partial to:
    Marley & Me, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and I think one called Merle's Door.

    ~ Wendy

  11. Fun contest, Wendy. Very clever! You and your kids did a great job!

  12. Wow! Your lovely young ladies did an awesome job of imitating these covers, Wendy. The only one of these books I knew about is Into the Free, the highly acclaimed debut novel by our friend and former agency mate Julie Cantrell, that hit both the NYT and USA Today bestseller lists right out of the starting gate. Too bad I didn't figure that one out.

  13. Waa-hoo!! Your girls really did do an amazing job re-enacting these covers. Now I just wish I had to time to read all of these. They look like great books!

    Thanks for this chance to win a critique on my WIP!

  14. Yay, I was looking forward to the cover reveal! I've got Into the Wild on my Kindle. Need to read it!

  15. I'm rather partial to the cover on Julie Klassen's, "The Apothecary's Daughter."

    Susan :)


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