Monday, March 19, 2012

Beauty in Uniqueness

Does it come naturally to you to see beauty in uniqueness?

Talk to me about beauty today…

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  1. Beauty....I think sometimes I get so busy and so focused on what I have to do and accomplish, that I forget to stop and appreciate it. Because truly, it's all around me. It's in uniqueness for sure, but it's also in common every day things. Things we see every day. Like the sunrise and the sunset and simple kindnesses that go unnoticed to the world, but mean so much to the receiver.

  2. I agree so much with Katie. Beauty is there if only we pay attention, but so often, I forget to look. I'm inundated with the common and ordinary, but when I see something unique (when I'm paying attention), it blows me away. Still, I think all of God's creation is beautiful in and of itself, so maybe everything is beautiful, but the only things that strike us as truly beautiful are the things that are rare. Hmmm...

  3. Beauty is everywhere. But I'm guilty of not always looking. :)

  4. I agree with Katie, Lindsay, and Jessica.

    Beauty is one of the reasons I love the changing seasons. We forget how beautiful a snow-covered landscape is, or a forest of fall foliage. But God is so faithful to remind us by taking it away for a time. I'm looking forward to the next month or so--ready to see the spring beauty He has planned!

  5. I probably don't pay attention to beauty as much as I should but having a three-year-old has helped because he notices everything. It's fun to see things through his eyes.

  6. Hehe, I agree with everything everyone has said so far...:) It's so easy to get caught up in task and to-dos and forget to see the beauty around me. But it's everywhere - in the things usually considered beautiful and, like you pointed out, the unique things too.

  7. Beauty has to be noticed and so often, I'm moving through life too fast to see it all around me.

  8. Yes! I remember going to the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI as a child and watching the clog dancers. One in particular stood out for me. She wasn't beautiful or even technically good looking, but I couldn't tear my eyes away. She had something about her. And I still remember it all those years later!

  9. Beauty ...
    I grew up knowing I wasn't the pretty one in my family. Isn't that amazing how we can supposedly know something like that?
    And so beauty eluded me for a lot of years ...
    and then I was finally able to embrace the truth of Psalm 139 that said I am fearfully and wonderfully made -- me! -- and there's a beauty in those words, isn't there?

  10. Lately, I have been seeking out beauty and apparently when you seek out beauty, you discover it everywhere. Weeds, rocks, the jagged cut of a mountain, hot embers from a bonfire.

    It makes me wonder about all I've missed when I'm too busy to take in beauty.

  11. Beauty is all around us. In my case, though, I can let the busyness of life cloud my vision. I like that I'm walking these days because it clears my head, helps me slow down, and gives me an opportunity to take note of the beauty around me: A covey of quail skittering across the trail. The myriad shades of green in the trees and shrubs. The smiles on the faces of walkers I pass.

  12. Seeing beauty in the unextraordinary or mundane is a gift, indeed. Bling and sparkly things catch my eye quickest, but the beauty of nature - even desert topography - simply takes my breath away. I saw beauty today in a little girl, laying on her tummy, with her nose peeking into the koi pond completely fascinated by the brightly colored fish. That's beauty. Simple yet unmistakeable.

  13. Absolutely! I am always at awe of God’s creations.

  14. Katie, And oh those simple kindnesses can run so deep, can't they?

    Lindsay, I found it interesting the way folks seemed to interpret this question. Yes, U2 sings "Grace finds beauty in everything." Sort of my living motto.

    Jessica, As stated by others as well, I do think paying attention is the kicker.

    Heidi, The cherry blossoms just burst on the scene in the middle of our downtown and I'm telling you, it looks like an entirely different place.

    Julie, Amen, the eyes of a child.

    Melissa, I've been thinking a lot about how people define beauty, how our culture slaps a label on something calling it beautiful, when to me so many other not as expected things are far more exquisite. Just thinking. Kind of have a habit of that.

    Susan, life in the fast lane. I hear ya!

    Jill, I resonated entirely with what you wrote. This has happened so often with me with people in particular. It's their unique qualities that draw me--that awe me. Okay, now I'm rhyming.

    Beth, Ah, families and the influence they have on us. I could write a book on that. A memoir. Hmm. Perhaps someday. ;) And I find everything about you gorgeous--especially the heart behind your post today. That is the stuff of REAL beauty!

    Amy, Such an EXCELLENT point. When we look for it...

    Keli, You make me want to sing, "What a wonderful world." Yes. Yes. And more yes. The outdoors does it for me too.

    Oh Donna, I couldn't agree more. There's something about that scene that is exactly what I'm talking about. Not the traditional, overstated, dare I say "Hollywood" version of beauty. But life beauty.

    Kym, I think his creation is one of the first ways he won me over.

    Loved reading your thoughts on this. You know how your mind gets stuck on something and you keep turning it around like an old penny. Out of habit. I'm here again on this topic. I'll let you know if some new thoughts come of this turning.

    Meanwhile, I appreciate how you added to the conversation in my head. :D

    ~ Wendy

  15. I see beauty all around. I see it in the sunset, in the smile on my hubby's face when he finds something amusing, in a song, in a painting, in a book, in the trees, the sky, on the land. We can find it, if we look for it. God's works of beauty are everywhere.

  16. I'm not sure what I can add to everyone's comments. There's lots of beauty here. :)

    (And to answer your question, yes, I do.)

  17. I try to see the beauty in everything. I think I'm always in awe of God's creations and how amazing they are. And what a beautiful picture, makes me happy that spring is in the air!


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