Monday, December 5, 2011

Reaching for Blankets

One of my favorite roles as a mom is tucking my girls into bed. I love pulling their blankets high up to their necks, snuggling with them, saying prayers, and shutting off the light. It settles me knowing I’ve left them in a peaceful state.

However, some mornings I walk in their rooms only to find them shivering with their blankets kicked beyond their reach.

It’s this exact image that comes to mind when I think of seasons of life when I’ve forgotten to reach for my own blankets. There are a handful of trusted resources I count on when I want to be in a place of contentment and calm.

Reading, Writing, and not so much Arithmetic
I feel like I come more into myself when I’m reading and writing. I’m at home doing both of these activities and if I’ve gone for long enough not allotting time for one or the other, an anxiousness builds inside me, a visceral ache for words.

Exercise, Water, and not Noshing
Sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it—that I would find rest and tranquility in the above? It’s not entirely in the workout or the chugging water or even in the restraint it takes not to throw back seven of those super mini Snickers, justifying it’s equal to a bar. The calm comes after the storm. After I sweat a rain forest and pound thunderously on our treadmill. Exercise has always been one of my most effective ways of righting my mind.

Friend Connections
It’s hard for me to put into words the value of friendships in my life. I’ve been bolstered and encouraged by dear women more times than I can count. And there’s simply nothing like the kind of soda-spewing laughter that trusted friends incite. Effervescence at its best!

Time to Chill
Me time. Say what? What’s that? I hear ya, and I know. When I’ve neglected to slow down and take a few minutes (ah, an hour…what I wouldn’t give for a solid hour) I’m more frazzled, quicker to snap, and I shiver at how fast my thoughts turn cold.

Saved the most intimate for last. It changes me. Throwing up words or a call for help to God changes me. It’s a show of trust. It’s an act of humility. It’s demonstrative of my desire to connect. When I’ve communed with God it filters through every aspect of my life.

I forget to reach for these physical and emotional blankets in my life sometimes and I’m left in a vulnerable fetal position wondering how I got to such an unattended state. I simply neglected to reach for the blankets already in my life.

Do you ever forget to reach for the blankets? What are your blankets and what helps remind you to reach for them?

*All "I"s are on _________ here later today. Come check it out!


  1. Oh, Wendy! That is the sweetest little picture. I love the image you paint today of our security blankets that we all need in life.

  2. Wendy, I love this. All of the blankets you mentioned apply to my life as well. It's so easy to get caught up in life and forget about the very things that help us stay sane.

  3. I love that picture! And I love this post. I haven't been very good about number two lately....(lately, as in, since my son was born over three years ago...yikes!)

  4. Writing is definitely a blanket, and never gets tossed back. I've learned it has to be a priority as it's who I am and denying it means denying myself. Walking comes in a close second. Walking is about so much more than exercise ... It's peace and faith and nature and connections, and more.

  5. What a great list of comforters, Wendy. I only recently discovered the second item. I've learned that my Curves workout can leave me physically spent but feeling a deep level of satisfaction and contentment. The walks I enjoy on my non-Curves days afford me tranquility and time to clear my head that I didn't have in my schedule before.

  6. The picture is too cute! This is the second post I've read today reminding me to exercise. I guess I better go do it!

  7. Prayer, reading, writing. All of these blankets give me peace. And in that order:)

  8. Such a good post, especially this time of year.
    I think we've been sharing blankets, Wendy! I need my friends, time to relax (with a good book, a bubble bath, a fun movie), time on the treadmill (but I'm usually walking, not pounding). And I've found a delightful new way to experience prayer: Praying in Color. You can check out the book by Sybil MacBeth.

  9. My blanket is my hubby - God's gift to me. There is no warmth that can compare to being wrapped up in his arms.

  10. Reading God's word is my blanket, for sure. Love this analogy, Wendy. I'll be thinking about this today when the cold sets in. I'll remember to reach for my Father.

  11. Wendy, great post as always! I can't tell you how many times I've walked into little T's room to see him uncovered.

    I hear you on reading and writing, friendships and prayer. Key for me!

    Good to be here again. :)

  12. Great list, Wendy!

    I get in trouble when I forget my prayer/journaling blanket. Nothing starts my day better.

  13. Heather, Thanks & sometimes it takes a while to figure out what they are.

    Lindsay, You mentioned a key word...sanity.

    The not noshing is a big reminder to myself. Those little Snickers are addictive. ;)

    Joanne, I absolutely LOVE (and prefer) outdoor exercise. And I'm so with you on the writing front.

    Keli, Your recent posts have inspired me to stick with it.

    Susan, Whenever I get a message coming at me more than once it tends to niggle in much the same way.

    Tamika, I think that's really what the heart of this post is all about...peace.

    Beth, Sometimes I feel like even when I walk I pound. Uh oh. And I'm bummed our upstairs bath isn't holding in heat the way I like. And I like to exit a bath pink to red.

    Loree, A good one and often one I turn to when I'm shivering beneath the covers at night. ;)

    Amy, The Word. Yep, excellent one.

    Mel, It's disconcerting, isn't it? And such a whopping reminder of what it feels like when I forget my own blankets.

    Susan, I've been more dedicated to those during different seasons of life. Miss doing that.

    Wow, crazy busy day. Didn't get around to commenting on a single blog. There's always tomorrow. Missed popping in to see many of you, but I'm grateful you climbed in this window.

    ~ Wendy

  14. I needed this today, Wendy, and I love the picture you included. I agree with you on all these!

  15. I love my blankies! Hot coffee in the morning on a cold day, spin or dance class to get the body (and mind going,) snuggling with my little girl while we watch an episode of Dr. Who. Some of the blankets I kick off have to do with slowing down enough to really listen to my kids and engage in their lives when the head isn't engaged in a gadget. Just a little "snuggle time" with my teens can go a long way for me...and I bet for them, though they won't admit it!


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