Friday, November 18, 2011

Moving Thoughts Friday

Every Friday I’m going to ask a question. The questions I choose might be ambiguous on purpose. The goal is to have you answer the question according to your beliefs, where you’re at in life or a circumstance that might have recently impacted you. The only thing I ask is that you provide an explanation for why you answered the way you did.

It’s my hope to understand you better through this and also to gain a greater understanding of humanity and how people make decisions.

This is my 500th post!

In honor of that I’d like you to finish this…

I’d like to be surrounded by 500 ____________________.

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**I will be offline during most of next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

***I’m loving the dialogue so far on my Facebook writer page. Please come join the conversation!


  1. Books! But it would be a little depressing because there wouldn't be time to read them all. Sigh.

  2. hmmm....i'd like to be surrounded by 500 blessings :) if those include, family, friends, talents and so forth, that's what i'd be really grateful for!

  3. round trip train tickets, all to be used within the next four years .. anywhere within US/Canada. Yeah, that would do it. And each time I'd take someone different with me.. I'd take a friend, or my kids, or my spouse or just someone who needed to get away to some adventure. And I'd write about each adventure, discovery, people on the trains .. and take lots of pictures. So many pictures.

  4. Congratulations on your 500th post, Wendy! That's awesome.

    I'd like to be surrounded by 500 friends, including YOU. Since I'm a one-on-one person, though, I'd like time to visit with each one individually. Is that asking too much? =)

  5. Books ... of amazing stories to immerse myself in ... Fiction, memoir, inspirational ... To be among the beauty of words.

    Congrats on 500 posts, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday :)

  6. Congrats, Wendy! I love to be surrounded by 500 believers. It's like one big family!

  7. Yay for you. Awesome.

    Hmmm...I'd like to be surrounded by 500 beautiful memories, all of my wonderful friends and family, all popping out in my head when I most need encouragement.

  8. Kittens wearing tall hats! Each with a dark chocolate bar of a different sort, for me to share with my friends.

    I love kittens, dark chocolate, and friends, that's why. The tall hats make a party.

  9. people in worship. Nothing like a crowd of people loving on Jesus. I love that atmosphere.

    Congrats on 500 posts! Awesome. :)

  10. Congrats on 500 posts! Woohoo!

    And I can pretty much just copy Keli Gwyn's answer as mine. I'd love to be surrounded by 500 friends, as long as I had time to sit down and catch up with them all individually.

  11. Books. Oh wait. I already have that. :)

    500...Twix bars. Yeah, that should hold me.

  12. Woo-hoo!! Congratulations on your 500th post!! What a milestone!

    I would like to be surrounded by 500 writers too. I always have a good time with a big group of writers!


  13. Congrats on 500 posts! I'd also like to be surrounded by 500 writers. Last time I was, I made new friends, learned new things, and got inspired by everyone I met.

  14. Congratulations on your 500th post! What a wonderful milestone.

    I'd like to be surrounded by...hmmm, I like Jennifer Shirk's answer of Twix bars. But I think I might rather be surrounded by 500 acres of rolling hills and wooded areas, with a cozy cabin stocked with all the amenities for a fun week away. With my family along of course. :)

  15. Angels!
    I travel a lot and need protection all the time.
    Congrats on your 500th, that is awesome.

  16. Congratulations, Wendy!

    I'd like to be surrounded by 500 sticky notes/Post-its in a rainbow of colors, please--with 500 different blog post ideas. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. different laughters ... giggles, guffaws, chortles ...even a snort or two.
    Because a laughter is my favorite sound. And laughter means I'm surrounded by people having fun with together ...

    Congratulations on your 500th post. Looking forward to many, many more!

  18. I love this question - and I've loved reading all the answers! Congrats on 500 posts!

    I'd love to be surrounded by 500 possibilities. It makes my mind race and I love to be full to the brim with good ideas :) Have a good weekend.

  19. 500 100% cotton quilt scraps because I love scrappy ***stars***

    congratulations of 500 postings! WOW!

  20. Wow. That's a tough one. My family's not that large and I'm not into crowds generally. Hmmm . . .

  21. ...500 bags of Cadbury chocolate eggs!

    Congratulations on post #500! :)

  22. I'm visiting new blogs today for the first time, so i also thought id wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your readers. And i hope that the day is spent generating positive memories for years to come. Richard from Amish Stories.

  23. Congrats!
    I think it would be cool to be hang out with 500 writers!

  24. 500 moments of laughter! Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. Yahoo on your 500th post!!

    Ok, so truthfully, I don't know if I'd want to be surrounded by 500 of anything -- doesn't that kind of seem like a lot?! Maybe I should say 500 book contracts? Ha -- that sounds a little overwhelming. I'd take just one!


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