Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving Thoughts Friday

Every Friday I’m going to ask a question. The questions I choose might be ambiguous on purpose. The goal is to have you answer the question according to your beliefs, where you’re at in life or a circumstance that might have recently impacted you. The only thing I ask is that you provide an explanation for why you answered the way you did.

It’s my hope to understand you better through this and also to gain a greater understanding of humanity and how people make decisions.

Solve the mystery or let the mystery solve you?

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  1. Love solving life's mysteries - lost keys, lost stuffed animal young one can't sleep without. However, my husband and I had this conversation the other day about how I don't like to even try to solve mysteries in novels or movies. I like to simply let the mystery play out. I hope it keeps me guessing all the way to the end, but I'm not trying to prove that the writer couldn't fool me the whole way through the story. That's not fun to me.

  2. I like solving mysteries too, but I have to admit it is fun when they solve you:)

  3. Hmm, it depends on the mystery. How's that for a political answer? :)

  4. This is a tough one. I love a good mystery, but I never solve them (or rarely.) I never know whodunnit until I close the book.

    And I love that the mystery that is Why God Loves Me is continually trying to solve me. :)

  5. Ha! I like Sarah's answer. I'm going to ditto her. :-)

  6. Oh. Wow. What a question.
    Can I just not answer and say I think you are brilliant for asking the question?
    Okay, then.
    I'm stealing Erica's answer. Like her, I'm no good at solving mysteries.
    And I do love how the mystery of God's mercy and grace solved the questions in my heart.

  7. I'm with Sarah here...depends on the mystery.

  8. Hmmm, good question. I love all the crime-type TV shows and mystery novels as well--the guessing, the twists, the turns--but in real life, mysteries are a lot more frustrating! I try to solve some mysteries and they don't play out like the perfectly crafted (and oftentimes predictable) ones on TV. I'm learning that sometimes, the mysteries of life are not even solvable--some we might not solve until we get to Heaven and can ask God directly. So maybe in this case, we let the mystery solve us. :)

  9. Hm, I'd say solve the mystery. It's an intriguing way to learn, and to know life. But we have to do so knowing that there are some mysteries that can't be solved, too, and we'll get no further than questioning them.

  10. I love solving mysteries, but it's true that some mysteries are best left alone. Ultimately in life, I'm okay with the mystery solving me because I know I need solving! :)


  11. I love TRYing to solve mysteries, but I often spend too much time twisting my brain in knots, only to discover I'm wrong. So I'll say let the mystery solve me.

    P.S. When our daughter was a wee one, my husband would often wrap a towel around her lower face like this when he got her out of the bath. Only her eyes peeked out. Then he'd say, "Who is this woman of mystery?" As he whisked the towel off, he'd shout, "This is no woman of mystery--this is our baby!"

    Your photos made me think of that; thanks.

  12. I like to solve mysteries, although there are plenty that defy me.

  13. I'm such a cheater when it comes to mysteries. I was that kid who wanted the clue right away and then I just wanted the answer. So how bouts I let the mystery solve me?

  14. Wendy:
    Like Jeanette, I like TRYing to solve the mystery. When there's one on TV,my husband always says, "He did it." or "Do you want me to tell you who did it?" I always tell him "NO!" Some times I solve it right but not always.

  15. Oh, let the mystery solve me. But not entirely, just enlighten a little piece of my soul so that I understand God, the world, and myself a little better. I don't think the mystery will or can be completely solved, not on this side of heaven, anyway.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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