Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Am Not Cut Out for This

Sometimes I feel I’m not cut out for this…parenting, writing, fervently pursuing my passion…life in general.
But then I remember that I have something special to offer. We all have something special to offer. I then think I may not be cut out for that, but am I cut out like this

Not so sure. Even when comes to pretty snowflakes, even in all their individual glory, I’m not sure I’m cut out that way.

So I sit some more and think some more. And I pray. And wonder. Then I think some more. And I write and love on my kids in between all that thinking, wondering, and praying and finally I come to the conclusion I may not be cut out for this or cut out like that, but I am created for a reason and I live with purpose. And this comes to mind….I am cut out for this…
What are you cut out for or like?

*photos by flickr
**working on something new & cool at the same time as something old & cool. Excited to share soon.


  1. The different hats we wear tend to flop down into our eyes and cover what we need to see. It's so easy to beat ourselves up when we compare ourselves to others and see our flaws highlighted. Sometimes I feel like the worst mother on the planet, but then I realize I'm not--just human. I'm so thankful I can refill my bucket of grace at God's well on a daily basis.

    You are an incredible person, Wendy. I love the insights you bring to the blogging world. I look forward to meeting you in person.

    I love that bird card. It would look lovely in my kitchen.

  2. You know . . . years ago when I didn't feel "cut out" for "God's work" . . . I read something that changed me: "God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called." He often times chooses things we are NOT cut out for . . . mainly because He wants us WHOLLY dependent upon Him to do what He asks us to do. In HIM . . . we can do all things!!! So that means you're cut out for ALOT sister!

  3. Have you been in my head lately? This post sounds just like me. I have so many doubts, but I truly believe we're doing what He'd have us do. Writing. I love the quote Cherie posted. I need to remember that often.

    And just for the record, I really like the unique way you're cut out. It makes you, you. And it makes your writing, your writing.

  4. Beautiful post, Wendy.

    We all have one purpose, to glorify God. The way we do it is unique to us.

    Such incredible pictures. I love visual aids. Happy Wednesday. I'm so enjoying your blog, just so you know. :)

  5. Great post. Love all the visuals. Perhaps we need to cut ourselves a new shape?

  6. A writer friend of mine made a great distinction the other day: "it's not whether you can do it--the question is, on what terms?"

    The world will always try to push us away from our real calling and our real joy. Sometimes it will do so with "failure." More often, it will do so with "success." We have to be strong and discerning to understand where the world stops and our souls begin.

  7. Wonderful post.

    One thing I know for sure that I was cut out for ~ is to be a wife and mom. I know that's two listed things, but really it's "one" in the same.

  8. I think it is not even a matter of "can you do it?" it is more a matter of "are you willing to give it a try?".

  9. I'm totally cut out for this.

    Now, if I only knew what 'this' is.


  10. I find myself wondering the same thing, Wendy. And guilt hinders the cutting out, guilt to give my kids the time when I really want to give it to writing. But I am cut out for what God has in store...He made me that way...and I am 100% sure he made me to be the best mother I can be to my four kids. So I guess until I get the big fat NO on writing to reflect His Glory and affect His believers, he's cut me out for that also.

  11. You always write the coolest posts! I don't know what I'm cut out except for to be me. I'm cool with that, and I'm cool with not defining myself because I think when we stick ourselves in a box, it gets uncomfortable.
    That said, I totally LoVE personality tests. LOL

  12. Wendy:
    I like your valentine cut out.

    God makes us wondrously and mysteriously. He puts into us what He wants.
    He calls us to certain tasks and equips us to do them.

    God has done a good work in you and will complete it according to His liking.
    (I have three fingers pointing back at myself as I type this.)

  13. There's definitely only one you, my friend. Still trying to figure out what I'm cut out for. In the immediate future, I've gotta be cut out for an hour of yoga when my muscles are protesting. :)

  14. That is a beautiful post.

    Sometimes the process of being 'cut out' hurts and we're pretty sure that we are just being 'cut up' but in the end we know we should have trusted the Master.

  15. I love Rosslyn's comment. And I love your heart, Wendy. :)

  16. Lisa, I love that bird card, too and really that's what it all comes back to time and time again for me...grace.

    Cherie, I so get that...wholly dependant on Him. Powerful point. And for me it's also about learning what I'm here to do so I can do it well and not pour my time and energy into things I'm not so much here to do.

    V.V., I had a hunch some fellow writers and women in general could relate. Thanks for what you wrote. Meant a lot.

    Jessica, Thanks for the encouragement and I love how you wrote "visual aids"! Sometimes I'm so sure of my purpose and other times it's all muddled.

    Mary, That was sort of the message I was going for with the three unique expressive shapes on the bottom. You got it.

    Rosslyn, Quotable! I'm building a post around your comment in a few weeks. I've read it over and over just to let the meaning seep in. Deep and layered...just the way I like it.

    Loree, That's so cool you know that with such confidence. I'm there somedays. ;)

    Cheryl, That's the opposite of what Yoda said, right? There is no try, only do or something like that. Tee hee. Now I'm quoting Yoda (I blame you, Katie. :D) I'll have to think on this one.

    Erica, Love it. Makes me excited to laugh with you!

    Angie, I've gotten more discouraged lately than I'd like and it's based on...nothing. Nothing but my own stinking thoughts. Crazy, right?! So I guess I need to keep praying and doing what I love...which is to write and love and see what comes.

    Jessica, What a great point. I'm not a inside of the box kind of person. I'd go nuts! (Already hem.) I think my shapes change...just like my thoughts move. Ah ha!

    QS, You encourage me more than you know. Thank you for being such a faithful reader!

    Sarah, Right? Whatever the time demands. I get that. I hope I'm making it count.

    Shelly, Profound and OH SO TRUE. Thanks for commenting and connecting!

    Katie, Thanks on both counts.

    Well, there you have it. Snip snip.

    Grateful for your comments. Some real thought-provokers today! Nicely done.

    ~ Wendy

  17. Very visual post. When things get overwhelming we all feel like we're not cut out for it. Then it occurs to you, you wouldn't be successful at it if you weren't cut out for it. Sure it may be in us to keep pushing despite the fear, the anxiety and the pain of criticisms. Honestly I couldn't picture my life without the dedicated time to writing, lofty goals and dreams to aspire to achieve. What would life be if we didn't strive?

  18. I'm so not cut out for any of this, that's why I NEED Jesus! But then again, he's the one with the I guess I am cut out for it ALL after all!

  19. I like Jessica's reply - I would summarize it as "individuality." We all bring something unique to the table. Good post.

  20. I love this post.

    When I go through those times (which is a lot) I think of Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Christ is working in and through me. Sometimes I think its really good for me to get those reminders that I can't do it, because it makes me rely on him more strongly.

  21. I love this post. I am going to repost it on Facebook. Everyone needs to read it. Every. One.

    I am cut out for loving, for writing, for laughter, for drinking huge quantities of coffee, and for helping others find out what they are cut out for: God in the shape of Jesus.


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