Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving Thoughts Friday

Every Friday I’m going to ask a question. The questions I choose might be ambiguous on purpose. The goal is to have you answer the question according to your beliefs, where you’re at in life or a circumstance that might have recently impacted you. The only thing I ask is that you provide an explanation for why you answered the way you did.

It’s my hope to understand you better through this and also to gain a greater understanding of humanity and how people make decisions.

Author, Susan Meissner asked a phenomenal question for the online writing community, TWV2 recently. She asked us to consider what we’d share with graduates if we were giving a commencement speech.

Here's what I would share:

1. Take creative risks.

2. Acquire a thirst for learning.

3. How you treat people in any career you pursue will either add to or subtract from your character.

And after this week of attempting to abstain from the “L” word I let you know, on Monday, I added a fourth message.
4. Love and love well.

What would you like to say to graduates?

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**Blogger ate a lot of comments from Wed. Several of you emailed or sent word on FB that you couldn’t leave your thoughts. That bites. I know you visited (stats were strong), but it’s your thoughts that fuel me on this blog. If you remember the gist of what you had to say, feel free to try again (hopefully Blogger is stuffed and won’t eat any more comments).


  1. Between you and Katie, my thoughts have been covered. 1. There's nothing more important than people so be kind and loving in all you do and your life will be amazing and beautiful. 2. Have courage. Fear conquers easily, but even though it's hard to do, it has no power when we conquer it. None. It's a pretty neat concept when you think about it.

  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Respect is earned.

    Character is everything--act as though your mother or your pastor is watching.

    Step out in faith and don't let fear keep you from your dreams.

    Love unconditionally--especially those who seem unlovable.

    Be Jesus in the skin.

  3. These are all so great, I'm coming up blank on anything else.

  4. Hmm, Don't let the paycheck guide your decisions.

  5. So many great ideas already. Love yours, Wendy. Katie's is one I need to hear. I'd add: Don't let your dreams wither. Pursue them with passion.

  6. Great advice above...

    I would add : Be honest and real in who you are and what you do.

    Great post!

  7. I answered this over on another blog. Same answer here:
    The choices you make now will affect you 5 years from now. Choose wisely.
    (I wish someone had told me this when I was 18.)
    And these aren't the best years of your life. (Of course, all high school graduates think that these are the best years of their lives. Their wrong. Depending on the choices they make, their futures can be a-ma-zing!)

  8. Many times in life, you'll hear that you can do anything you put your mind to doing. It isn't so. You are an integral part of the world, and it of you. You cannot move without affecting someone else, and they will affect you.

    If you would make your dreams come true, then put God first in your life, ask Him His dreams for you, and be ready to live out dreams far bigger than you might have chosen for yourself.

  9. Great words of advice, Wendy.

    I'd say something like: Find your passion, then go for it!


  10. Work hard. There are no shortcuts.


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